Where is Pete Davidson going to sleep now?


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Where is Pete Davidson going to sleep now?

This is serious

Poor Pete Davidson… where is he going to go now he's broken up with Ariana Grande? What's he doing to do? With the holiday season coming up, he's going to be all alone and cold, without a $16 million Chelsea apartment to keep a Zaha Hadid-designed roof over his head… A lot of people are concerned for him – someone even set up a GoFundMe to make sure he has somewhere to sleep!

That GoFundMe page has now been taken down, surely an act of cruelty – a lot of the comments included insults like "Don’t donate to this big mouth ass brickhead ass little boy!!!!"

And that's the scary world that Pete now finds himself in – attacked, hated, clinging on to passing cars in the hope of picking up scraps of McDonald's:

Some good news – here is a fundraiser for Pete that has yet to be taken offline. The upper limit is $100 million – tWiTtEr dO yOuR tHiNg!!

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