I had a guy go down on me using a dental dam


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I had a guy go down on me using a dental dam

It massively sacrifices sexual pleasure for protection

If you don’t know what a dental dam is, listen up. It’s one of those things your middle school health teacher told you to use during oral sex, but you likely never have.

A dental dam (in sexual context) is any piece of latex used to create a barrier between genitals and the mouth in order to perform protected oral sex. The term “dental dam” actually comes from the fact that similar pieces of latex are used at the dentist to create a barrier between teeth and the rest of the mouth so dental procedures, like whitening, can be performed safely. But (hopefully) no teeth are involved during the sexual use of a dental dam.

How to make a dental dam

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Latex condoms (preferably flavored)
  • Your hands
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    It’s fairly easy to make a dental dam out of a normal condom. Just unroll the condom and cut off the tip as well as the ridge on the base to form a tube that’s open on both sides. Then cut lengthwise down the tube, and you have a rectangular sheet of latex which will act as your dental dam. We actually found that it was easier to use non-lubricated condoms so that you could easily grip them to do the cutting.

    The boy I chose to try using a dental dam with, John*, actually helped me make it which was a plus. We made a bunch and he even took some home with him, though I doubt he’ll use them.

    Each dental dam takes about 60 seconds to make once you get used to it. It took us about 15 minutes to make 10 of them. I mean, we really didn’t know what it would be like or if they’d break easily so we just made a ton.

    What are the benefits of using a dental dam?

    Like using a condom, the latex barrier between the mouth and the genitals helps protect against STD and STI transmission. They protect against anything that needs skin-skin contact to be spread.

    Since oral sex cannot result in pregnancy, dental dams are not technically considered a form of birth control. However, since the latex does not allow sperm to pass through, it does technically protect you against any unwanted sperm entering the uterus.

    Dental dams will not protect against the spread of things that don’t require skin to skin contact for transmission, such as body lice.

    How to put it on and use it correctly

    Always stretch the dental dam when you're done making it to check for any unwanted holes. Its normal for the edges to look uneven
    Always stretch the dental dam when you’re done making it to check for any unwanted holes. Its normal for the edges to look uneven

    Considering I heard lecture upon lecture about dental dams in my youth, I was eager to put it to the test. John and I prepared and educated ourselves, and finally mustered up the courage to give it a try.

    The putting on of the dental dam was probably the most awkward part. It’s apparently not easy to lay a rectangular piece of floppy latex over someone’s vagina without it moving around. John had to hold both sides down flat so it wouldn’t move – basically eliminating the possibility of any finger action.

    Never flip over the dental dam. It is key to use the same side throughout. Also, do not recycle a previously-used-for-sex condom into a dental dam, because that just defeats the point.

    The key here is making sure no part of his face comes in actual contact with your skin. It’s pretty difficult to master, and our first attempts were not only awkward, but pretty frustrating.

    According to John, “You have to do three things at once: hold the dental dam in place, use your mouth, and try to breath without being suffocated by a rectangular piece of latex.”

    What does the dental dam feel like?

    At first, the dental dam felt extremely weird. I felt like an awkward shaped balloon was touching me in all sorts of places. It definitely took some getting used to, and it didn’t feel nearly as good as it would have felt unprotected.

    We kept at it for a while, but honestly an orgasm while using one is basically impossible. While I understand that the protection in the use of a dental dam is key, it massively sacrifices sexual pleasure for protection. This is probably why they aren’t commonly used.

    When we learned about dental dams in health class, we were never taught about sexual pleasure. I think when I was 12 I assumed oral sex with or without a dental dam would feel the same, and that is definitely not the case.

    Does it taste like latex?


    The latex flavor was undeniably nasty. Even though we used flavored ones, John said that it tasted like he was trying to eat a balloon animal. I was kind of into that though.

    Kissing him after he’d put his mouth on the dental dam wasn’t all that bad, but honestly he tasted like the balloon section at Party City.

    Would I recommend using a dental dam?

    To be quite honest, I likely won’t use one again. While I like being protected from STIs, I would rather just make sure the person I am going to hook up with has a clean bill of health than have sheets that reek of latex. A huge apology to my middle school health teacher. I’m sorry I’ll never listen to what you told us about protected oral sex.

    John said that this was his first experience with a dental dam and he probably wouldn’t use one again either. “My entire mouth tastes like I chewed and swallowed a condom” he said.

    While the experience wasn’t all that pleasurable for me, it wasn’t all that bad either. I think it definitely is a go-to option if you’re looking for protection from STIs during oral sex. But if you’re looking to have a pleasurable experience with someone you trust, I’d personally suggest not using one.

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