Natural remedies to make your period finish as quickly as possible


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Natural remedies to make your period finish as quickly as possible

It’s official, wine can help

Being on your period isn’t the best of times, is it? For around four-seven days of the month, it ruins your plans, prevents you wearing white jeans, might stop you having sex for the week, turns you into a moody betch and constantly keeps you in a vicious cycle of panic as to whether you’re going to get toxic shock syndrome.

So what if you could actually do something to shorten your period? Haha, no I’m not talking about sorcery, but natural remedies that have been proven to quicken your period so you can get on with your day. From going for a run to eating some green beans, here are some natural ways to get your period over and done with.

Having sex

Having sex on your period isn’t for everyone, but for those who dgaf it’s actually a good way at speeding up the process so you can carry on without the towels. Contractions in your uterus when you orgasm help your menstrual flow, so whether it’s shagging or masturbating go on, have some fun.


Being physically fit can help, in the long-term, with making your period shorter and faster. So although you might just want to sit on the sofa, eat Cadbury’s and watch Gossip Girl, going for a run will be more beneficial, albeit bumout.

Green beans

Yes, really. Apparently eating green beans – as well as other fruit and vegetables – are an effective way to reduce or even stop your period. Spinach, kale, brocolli, and other vegetables rich in Vitamin E can also help.

Vitamin C

Sweet, sweet nectar that is Vitamin C can help with your progesterone levels and break down your uterine lining quicker. But this doesn’t mean you should IV drip on Tropicana, instead just stick to your daily dose.


Taking one dose of ibuprofen three to four times a day can reduce your flow by 50 per cent. Ibuprofen are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and have been found to help with your cramps and flow. They reduce the production of prostaglandins which promote uterine contractions.


Boozing can temporarily stop your period, which is helpful if you want a carefree night out with no waking up the next morning remembering your tampon from 12 hours ago is still in. Red wine has also been found to prevent heart disease because it thins the blood, which will also help your flow. I’ll drink to that.

Spicy food

Because you get hotter from eating spicy food, your blood circulation increases. Heat makes fluids leave your body faster, so any food with cayenne pepper, ginger, paprika or curry powder will sort you right out.

Raspberry tea

There are other herbal teas out there that since the ancient times have been found to shorten your period but it’s unlikely you’ll find them, or their root which you definitely has never heard of, other than in Waitrose or Whole Foods (probably). Raspberry tea is pretty accessible, and has been found to lighten your period.

Drink loads of water

Blood can thicken if the body is dehydrated, so drinking lots of water keeps your blood thinned. It will flush everything out faster too from how much you’ll need the toilet. H2O also helps to reduce cramps and bloating.

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