Here are the best skincare routines on Twitter, made by real girls with perfect skin


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Here are the best skincare routines on Twitter, made by real girls with perfect skin

They will inspire you to double cleanse and moisturize every. single. day.

Ok, I'll be honest with you guys: My skin could be better. I wash my face twice a day and I moisturize like a motherfucker, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. Like any Gen Zer, I did a deep dive into the internet to figure out how to take care of myself. And I found the best viral skincare routines that seem to look good for at least a few thousand people.

Here's the viral Twitter skincare tips that everyone has been freaking out about. I take no responsibility if your skin blows up or dries out, thank you.

This user, Karina, swears by the routine that got rid of her acne

She uses this face wash every other day

But everyday she starts her routine with this Witch Hazel toner

After she washes her face with toner and the wash, she uses fresh aloe vera for redness and scars

She starts her morning by washing her face with body wash and water, then applying Neutrogena moisturizer and oil-free sunscreen

@chaurtorius says her skincare routine got rid of this acne

She cleanses everyday with this soap and a spin brush

And takes her makeup off with this Vitamin E cleaning oil

She uses Witch Hazel as a toner

And only uses raw shea butter as a moisturizer

If she gets a breakout, she puts 10 percent Benzoyl Peroxide on the spot and says it goes down immediately

She says it starts working within a month, so I'm gonna start… today

@DopeEthiopian inspired the internet with her glowy face that literally looks like it has Haloscope allll over it

She starts her routine with a Witch Hazel toner, which she uses as a cleanser and makeup remover

And moisturizes with Aveeno Daily SPF

If she has acne, she applies an Oxy Pad to the spot…

…Then massages it with tea tree oil

She uses the Aztec Secret mask a few times a week with Rose Water, although Apple Cider Vinegar also works

But the most important part of her routine? Drinking water

Everyone was freaking the fuck out about Ellie Choi because of her 'glass skin,' that is literally so smooth and glossy it reflects light.

She put together an Instagram round-up of her skincare routine, which involves using Neutrogena Makeup Remover, Kiehls Facial Cleanser, Clinique Toner and Water Bomb Cream Moisturizer everyday. She says Cetaphil products can be used as a dupe of her more expensive brands.

Cetaphil Skincare Products

She uses Skinfood Strawberry Scrub exfoliator every other day and 1-2 Innisfree facial masks a week.

So that's that. I'm off to buy products and ruin my credit score with dreams of dewy skin and tight-ass cheekbones.

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