Everyone’s freaking out over the ‘Lizard Twins’, two brothers catfishing the entire planet


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Everyone’s freaking out over the ‘Lizard Twins’, two brothers catfishing the entire planet

They are not actually lizards, btw

Depending on how filled with tragedy your TL is, you may have seen posts about these guys called the Lizard Twins this weekend, otherwise known as the Catfish Twins.

They're two dudes who look like this – you'll notice why they have been dubbed the Lizard Twins because of their lizard-like colored contact lenses.

Someone also said they look like ALBINO BATS:

You get the idea. The Catfish Twins name originated, I think, because earlier in puberty they used to look like this:

But now they look like this, hence they are catfishing the planet.

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For two very Instagram dudes who just want to make videos gazing deeply into each other's eyes, they're getting a lot of hate ("I swear if I see these greasy demons on my timeline one more time", "Bitch I'm scared", "My last 2 brain cells when it's time to down a shot of bleach").

But we looked into them, and pending any unreleased tweets where they say vaccines cause more disease than they prevent or something, The Lizard Twins – AKA Umar and Umair Khan – are actually good.

They love their mom and want you to do the same

The Khan Twinz made an emotional four-and-a-half minute skit about respecting your elders. It's incredibly sincere – their mom gets hospitalized, and one of the twins says he's too busy to help. He then forever regrets not helping her, and prays for forgiveness.

They end the clip with the emotional plea: "As soon as this video finishes, go find your closest loved ones and give them to biggest hug. Appreciate them." My heart is so full.

One of them even dressed up like he worked in an office, which shows his commitment to this bit:

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He's just a teen not an office worker

They can grow beards at 17

I couldn't grow a beard until I was 20 – and I tried hard and often. I would have bitten your hands off to grow a sharp, defined beard at 17.

They love their haters

After this cringe interview from last year was unearthed, they addressed the Catfish haters:

"We love you all and are enjoying this journey. We have a lot of projects coming up and just for the record: nothing will bring us down and nothing or NOBODY can stop our destiny."

They wear colored contact lenses

Maybe this one is less good, actually.

Image may contain: Person, People, HumanImage may contain: Person, People, Human

They made a website to promote their brand, which is extremely intense

They're wearing matching clothes!

Image may contain: Person, People, Human


Image may contain: Pole, Lamp Post, Person, People, HumanImage may contain: Person, People, Human

They're working with many agencies and businesses from around the world

I'm not even working with one agency or business from around the world.

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Also they might be professional footballers one day

In this house, we respect The Catfish (Khan) Twins.

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