We tried this site that matches you to your celebrity twin, and we’ve never felt so disrespected


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We tried this site that matches you to your celebrity twin, and we’ve never felt so disrespected

I need everyone to try this, you might cry

Remember when everyone was going fucking insane over that Google Art App that matched your face to a painting? Well, there's a new look-alike app sweeping the internet and it's way better — mostly because you don't have to be educated in high-culture get it.

This PopSugar site matches you with your celebrity twin. But like, your B-List celebrity twin because let's face it, none of us are that beautiful. It's, of course, hilarious and much more relatable than looking like Picasso's Concerto #4 — he did music, right? Being the narcissistic iGen I am, I tried it out.

And naturally, when it told me I looked like OLIVIA HOLT AND DAKOTA FANNING, I had to make everyone else in the office try. I mean, mostly as a vehicle to tell them all I looked like Olivia Holt.

Katie is apparently twins with Alessia Cara

She hates this, but I love it.

Emily really does look like Ilana Glazer

People in the streets tell her that. I've seen it (maybe).

Lyndsey got Dianne Guerrero

More proof she's the hottest one in our office.

Ari looks like Lupita Nyongo

Even better than being told you look like Dakota Fanning, IMO.

Eleni looks like this woman

We don't know who she is!

And Harry got David Duchovney

When I said I didn't know who he was, everyone older than me burst into hysterics and started screaming about X-Files.

Amanda got Sofia Copolla

She refuses to comment.

We got some girls in babe IRL to try it too

But the best one of all? It told Syra she looks like Michael Jackson

We decided the app was just as racist as middle America and completely inaccurate in 90 percent of cases. But I want the world to know, it had surgical precision when it told me I looked like Olivia Holt.

It works on mobile or desktop, so I highly recommend you go do it right now. Then tag me in your results so I can stalk your facial structure and decide if I agree — xoxo

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