When you think about it, every reason people hate the Kardashians is sexist


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When you think about it, every reason people hate the Kardashians is sexist

And usually wildly misinformed

You don't need to know much about babe to know we're obsessed with the Kardashians. I'm so obsessed with the Kardashians, I've made it my goal to make other people obsessed with the Kardashians.

But I just restarted Keeping Up, and I feel like it's reminded me of why I'm obsessed with these selfie-obsessed money grabbers in the first place. They're funny, they're authentic, and they love each other soooo much.

As I gazed up from the pizza I was eating and clicked 'play' on episode 8, I started to wonder: "Why do people hate them so much?" I couldn't carve out a space of hatred in my heart for these humans if I tried. And so I began listing the serial reasons people have for hating Kim K and her family, and realized they really all boil down to one thing:

Every single reason people hate the Kardashians is sexist. Let's go through them one at a time.

'Kim's only famous because of a sex tape'

One of the most misinformed reasons people hate the Kardashians is the belief Kim released her sex tape in order to become famous, or that she's only famous because of her sex tape. Let me say it one time for the people in the back: Kim's sex tape was leaked without her permission!! And many women have sex (or make porn) with famous men and don't remain in the spotlight like Kim. She's famous due to her hard work crafting a brand in the wake of a personal crisis. And because her mom is awesome.

'The Kardashians have no talent'

Many people believe the Kardashians have no talent beyond getting plastic surgery and looking hot. In reality, they're all successful business women worth millions, who meticulously plan personal brands and work to manage their private businesses 24/7. They're really just hot on the side.

'The Kardashians are bad moms'

Lots of people think the Kardashians neglect their children to keep up with their fame. But those close to the family know the women are all very attentive to their children. Kylie has been described as a doting mother who didn't want to hire help to take care of her newborn. Kim is always with her children, and regularly talking about her parenting strategy, and Kourtney describes herself as an "attachment parent" and doesn't have a nanny when she's not working. They're pretty great working moms.

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Others think they exploit their children by sharing their lives on reality TV or social media. However, the kids are often kept away from center stage on the show, especially when they're incredibly young, and if they are involved, it's not with the intent to broadcast their lives. Think about it, Kylie Jenner kept her baby a secret when it was in the womb. That's pretty protective of her baby's health and privacy.

But really, the idea that mothers should take all of the responsibility for parenting (good or bad) is inherently sexist.

'The Kardashians sell their sex appeal'

Shaming women for showing their bodies — or for profiting off of patriarchal systems that allow them to be paid for their appearance — is textbook sexism. There's really not much more to say about it.

'The Kardashians share too much of their lives with the world'

Lots of people in the social media age share their lives with the world, and celebrities have been sharing their lives with the world since the beginning of celebrity-dom. Suggesting women are whoring for attention or fame is an age-old sexist idea. Men are rarely held to this standard. When men are outspoken or share their experiences with others, it is deemed brave, trailblazing and strong. When women do it, they're "oversharing" or "desperate for attention."

'The Kardashians care too much about their looks'

Know what's sexist? Shaming women for focusing time and energy on their appearance when society has conditioned them to do so since they were born.

'The Kardashians are dumb'

The Kardashians are often considered dumb for the way they speak, the way they look, or their heavy involvement in 'feminine' industries like beauty products rather than other business endeavors. When you break these down, you realize they're all sexist.

Kim and her sisters are often slammed for their upspeak and vocal fry which makes them sound 'unintelligent.' But these behaviors are common among young women and actually denote emotional intelligence.

Additionally, 'feminine' industries are often deemed 'vapid,' or 'unimportant' due to long-term social conditioning to make women's interests seem less important than men's. But really, many women find empowerment and financial success through these industries. Railing women's intelligence for being involved in 'vapid' feminine industries or using their bodies as a marketing tool rather than realizing the importance of women in all economic markets is sexist. I'm not sorry!

But on top of all of this, if you judge people's character off their intelligence, do I have news for you about the majority of people in the United States.

'The Kardashians are spoiled'

#us 1997 throwback….the best memories #proudmama

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The Kardashians have lived privileged lives. They have always been wealthy. But many people in the United States have lived privileged lives, often to the detriment of the poor. The fact that society cares so much more about the fact the Kardashian sisters didn't have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps than the fact the President lies about pulling himself up by his bootstraps is sexist. Facts.

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