Rihanna single-handedly started the final fashion trend of winter/spring, and of course it’s hoe-tastic


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Rihanna single-handedly started the final fashion trend of winter/spring, and of course it’s hoe-tastic

Vogue said so, so there

Rihanna isn't a model or a designer or even an editor at Vogue, but she might honestly be one of the most important parts of the fashion industry. I mean, think about it. We think shit on the runway looks bad until Rihanna decides it's hot.

We buy Fenty in HORDES. Kylie Cosmetics found dead in a ditch. MAC seen crying in the halls.

shade: #CLAPBACK #MATTEMOISELLE drops Dec. 26th at @fentybeauty @sephora and @harveynichols

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Even designers realize Rihanna's influence on fashion. Tom Ford said her Instagram was "the most important thing in fashion." And he meant it seriously. He wasn't pulling any Devil Wears Prada-type sarcastic shade.


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So really, we shouldn't be surprised that Vogue thinks Rihanna single-handedly started the last (and maybe best) trend of winter. They claim she has ~revolutionized~ layers with her latest Instagram picture. Looks like we're into dressing warm now, bitches!

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Apparently, the new thing is to wear lots of small jackets. Then, instead of packing on your red puffer from Urban that literally everyone is wearing these days, tie a large scarf around your shoulder. It's golf dad meets high fashion. And I'm kinda down, even if it's fucking ridiculous.

If you need a scarf like Rihanna's, here are a few options:

There's a $25 scarf at ASOS that totally fits the look.

Image may contain: Jacket, Coat, Vest, Clothing, Person, People, Human

Or if you're feeling fancy, there's a $100 option at Urban. It's probably designer or something.

Image may contain: Female, Tablecloth, Linen, Home Decor, Person, People, Human

If you need me, I'll be posting this look on my Insta feed, desperately trying for some fame. Not like, Rihanna level influence. Just enough to get some free shit every once in a while.

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