I’m calling it: This is the bathing suit you’re going to see all over the beach this summer


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I’m calling it: This is the bathing suit you’re going to see all over the beach this summer

It’s 2018’s version of the INFAMOUS red suit

By April, every state with an inch of coastline is filled with armies of girls in their uniforms: some swimsuit that absolutely takes over the fucking beaches.

I swear, we all buy the same three suits. Then, you're up in your hotel room with your friends, trying to figure out whose bikini bottom is whose. And listen, I completely believe sharing is caring. But I am NOT sharing my bikini bottoms with you, Becky. I don't trust it down there.

Let's think about it. In 2015, it was the color-block swim suits

You bought a ton of them at Victoria's Secret, hoping a cute boy would notice you at the neighborhood pool or at your hotel at PCB. I see you.

Color block party and you're totally invited. #OwnTheSummer

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In 2016, it was crazy cut-outs and lots of crochet

An artsy look.

I'm tired.

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And in 2017, it was the sporty tank-top suit look that bred THE red bathing suit we saw all over Instagram

You guys loved the ones with ~edgy~ sayings on them.

But this year, the trend is a very specific type of one-piece: the tie front

Similar to the peek-a-boo styles popular last year (which are still on-trend, btw), the tie front has a cutout just below the tits. Above the cut-out, the fabric is tied, giving it a retro-chic look that's super in this year.

Some of the suits have larger cutouts, while some just show off the ribs. It's really up to you how much skin you want to show.

The suit looks great in primary colors, another trend of Spring 2018

Here's one from Forever 21 for just $23. Basically, the best deal possible if you're planning to dump mixed drinks all over it on your cruise.

ASOS has a super hot red suit for $40. Might be worth it to channel a little bit of Baywatch.

They also sell the suit in a daring white for $40. Not ideal if you're actually gonna be getting in the water, imo. But, if you're just trying to look sexy while you down margs at your hotel, I am all ears.

If you're a gal who loves to wear black 24/7 (me), here's a $40 option from Target.

But a fun pattern elevates the look

This patterned suit by Urban ($70) is just unique enough to take your look to a new level. It screams "trendy mermaid" but in a hot, fashionable way instead of a Hot Topic way.

This polka dot suit ($120) is a little more classic, but still bold enough to make it a true fashion statement.

Patterns that really capitalize on the already retro silhouette really complete the look

Like this $25 lemon suit at Forever 21. Total 40's vibes.

If you aren't willing to wear citrus fruit, this gingham suit is just as cute. And it's only $30 at Target.

Ok, you guys know what to do. Go buy one of these right now! And don't worry, you look much better on the beach than in those janky white lights in the dressing room ?

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