We all joke about it, but this girl ACTUALLY fucked her ex-boyfriend’s dad and lived to tell the tale



We all joke about it, but this girl ACTUALLY fucked her ex-boyfriend’s dad and lived to tell the tale

She really did that

If you've ever watched a friend go through a messy break-up, you've probably offered them this colossally shitty piece of advice — "Just fuck his dad!" It's the perfect revenge fantasy, and I know you petty bitches love that she because duh, same.

But one girl managed to make that dream a reality. God, women are amazing.

It started after she and her ex broke up

A 19-year-old girl posted to Reddit's NSFW Ask Me Anything forum that she's been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend's dad for the past six months which is straight up impressive — that's longer than some of my "serious" relationships.

They first linked up when she was home from college and she ran into the dad at a grocery store — she said they were back at his place "20 minutes later."

According to one of her answers in the thread, she sees him exclusively, and they meet up a couple of times a week.

When asked if it was a sugar daddy scenario, she said that wasn't the case but he does buy her "some sexy underwear, a couple necklaces for Christmas and birthday. And dinner occasionally."

But there was a little foreplay (metaphorically)

The attraction apparently started when her ex's dad walked in on his son and the girl having sex while they thought the dad was occupied grilling in his backyard.

"He returns and finds us on my boyfriends bed where we are enjoying some reverse cowgirl," she said. "I see him about two seconds before my boyfriend did. I saw him and got super turned on because he could see everything, and I was just about to cum. Then my bf saw him and freaked. I left soon after, and my bf got into trouble."

But when the girl and the dad (who's a widower, so there's no adultery involved) ran into each other months later, she admitted that she wished he had stayed — and apparently, the dad felt the same way.

It's probably not a revenge thing, though

According to the girl in question, she and her ex split when they both headed off to college, which is a pretty normal breakup scenario. She even said she'd sleep with him again — but that her ex has a new girlfriend now.

But clearly, this girl doesn't mind — when asked who, between father in son, is better endowed, better in bed and kinkier, she answered firmly: "Dad on all three counts."

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