I swapped out my dating app pics for makeup-free photos to see how guys would react


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I swapped out my dating app pics for makeup-free photos to see how guys would react

Make your bets now, please

I realized how desperate men were once they revealed they were willing to have sex with me while I was on my period. Because I always need story ideas (and attention) I delved even further down the "Would you still love me if XYZ" mineshaft to find out how much lower guys' standards would get.

I conducted a little experiment asking them if they were still into me without my face beat, and it was pretty shocking.

First, I had to swap out photos of my beat face for my natural born face:

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I (unfortunately or fortunately, I can't decide which is better) got way cuter over time, so I decided to lead my "swipe-through" gallery with my most hideous appearance from a few years ago — no eyebrows and all.

The rest of them (I think) aren't as bad once my brows decided they were ready to mature. Then, I went on a serial messaging spree.

Some guys were super sweet about my no makeup look

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When this guy Alex said it wouldn't make a difference, I wasn't entirely convinced that I was even speaking to the male species. But after he told me to keep glowing, I was convinced it was a woman Catfishing me. No straight man has ever used the word glow ever. Further investigation may be required for this amount of flattery.

One guy said I was 'ok'

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Homeboy had a lot of nerve telling me I was just "ok" considering he didn't even have a damn profile pic. He then tried to compensate saying he could add me on Facebook and Instagram so I could find out what he looked like on there. I guess pressing the "upload from camera roll" button was just too much work to do on a dating app.

Another dude threw a heavy dosage of double standards at me

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I know this guy was just trying to be funny, but it actually creeped me the fuck out. Not only because he was asking me if he should put on makeup, but because he was also old enough to be my dad. It's already repulsive for guys my own age to be creepy, but someone 20 years older just makes me want to hide. Needless to say I ghosted his ass after that awkward one-liner.

And this guy was low-key a dick

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I don't think this man has ever spoken to a woman in his life because his response was shady as hell. I couldn't take it to heart, though, because his mama named his whack ass after a type of lettuce—Romaine.

But this last guy was cute and creepy all at once

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That's one way to introduce yourself as a complete stranger

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His second message was sweeter than his first. I prefer not to be edible to anyone, but especially by a guy pushing 35.

His thesis on why he didn't "believe" in makeup was pretty irriating, though. Like really, he thinks makeup "disguises" people? You know women don't naturally glitter eyelids, right, dude? b

But it was his not-sos-subtle comment on how great I'd look with some on was an indication that my natural look wasn't one he'd want to look at for very long.

I'm not mad at any of these fellas for criticizing my God-given face because at the end of the day, I know for myself that I'm good-looking without a fierce face beat and without anyone telling me so. Besides, after witnessing some of the fugly mugs on these judgmental dudes, I count my natural beauty blessings everyday.

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