This guy is running for office – we found his secret posts on a forum for pedophilia


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This guy is running for office – we found his secret posts on a forum for pedophilia

Nathan Larson wants your vote – but he’s also writing online to promote pedophilia

Nathan Larson, an admitted pedophile with a platform of legalizing underage marriage, is running in an election this year. And according to posts unmasked by babe, Larson has advocated for pedophilia and praised Hitler on a sinister forum called Boychat, where anonymous users discuss their love for underage children.

Larson, who is standing in Virginia's 10th Congressional District this fall, outed himself on Boychat, where he linked to an old Washington Post article about him under the username "Lysander."

His 2018 campaign website lists his platform of "early marriage," which includes this disturbing description:

"Since young women begin to enter their years of peak beauty and fertility before age 18, it is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect that they wait till that age before having sex. Early marriage will allow them to take on, within a committed relationship, the adult roles that their bodies tell them they are ready for."

But Larson's posts under the name of Lysander reveal an even darker side to him. Be warned – the posts below are extremely graphic.

Nathan Larson aka "Lysander"

One post, made under the handle of "Lysander" last December asks: "How are we supposed to have sex with toddlers if they have to pass a test on sexual knowledge first? Why not give them some firsthand carnal knowledge instead?"

Another post he made argues that "a lot of sex crimes need to simply be taken off the books altogether." One post made today argues for there to be a law "saying parents can legally serve sex to their kids at any time before they reach the age of consent, as long as they're at home."

"If you get them drunk enough, they might not remember anyway," he adds.

A post Larson made in February asks why the government has banned child porn, arguing that it is a part of "pedophile culture."

Another comment he made earlier this month also describes how "Jews actually are very manipulate, and for that reason, even though they keep getting unmasked as swindlers and expelled from various countries, they're always allowed back in."

He adds: "Pedophiles, on the other hand, don't have the ability to use mass media, political action committees, etc. to change the way the public thinks about us and get the two major parties to adopt our agenda, so we're always getting screwed over."

The same month, he wrote in a separate post that he agrees with "a lot of what [Hitler] wrote in Mein Kampf."

Last year, Larson was profiled in the Washington Post for a 2009 charge in which he threatened to kill Barack Obama. He served 16 months in prison.

Campaign promises on Larson's 2017 website, now defunct, advocated for incestuous marriage, marital rape, legalizing child pornography and banning women from voting.

In a garbled statement to babe, Larson confirmed that he was "Lysander," adding: "we already have plenty of normies on the ballot."

He explained: "There are many voters who want an independent or third-party candidate with views that are outside the mainstream. They're bored and dissatisfied with politics as usual, which is part of why they're open to signing a petition for someone outside of the two major parties to get on the ballot."

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