This girl got busted with weed, then made up a fake school assignment to get it back and it WORKED


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This girl got busted with weed, then made up a fake school assignment to get it back and it WORKED

An evil genius

The other night, my roommate and I were talking about getting caught by our parents doing illicit activities. Her mom found 14-year-old her's Mike's Hard Lemonade caps in her jean pockets. My mom once found me at my boyfriend's house when his mom wasn't home. But neither of us had masterful excuses. We just got grounded.

That's why I was so amazed by this girl on Twitter who completely conned her mom out of punishing her for having weed.

A high schooler on Twitter got home one day and realized her mom took her weed. And in order to get it back, she made up an incredibly detailed fake school assignment

It says the teacher gave students either a fake pregnancy test, fake drugs, or an empty beer bottle to start family conversations about illegal substances

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And she included a fake worksheet with questions about how her mom reacted to the weed

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Somehow, this bitch's plan WORKED! You can see that her mom signed the bottom of the worksheet. Not only did she not get in trouble for having drugs, she got it all back. What a fucking sleuth.

A complete saint, she tweeted a Google Doc for teens in need to con their parents and get out of drug-possession related punishments

Of course, she's asking for charitable donations. The future Bill Gates, I s2g

Honestly, where was this girl when I was in high school? I was never this smart. I just cried or threatened to drop out of school when I was 16 and in trouble. Teens are truly evolving. I mean, just look at their Instagrams. I'll never be that cute in my whole-ass life.

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