The first trend of spring is impossible for regular humans to pull off but DAMN, I wish I could


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The first trend of spring is impossible for regular humans to pull off but DAMN, I wish I could

You need a Hadid-type body for this one

I have a love-hate relationship with denim. I'm pretty sure we all do. On the one hand, nothing can make my waist look snatched like a solid pair of high-waisted jeans. But on the other hand, denim is the most uncomfortable shit ever. Women who've had to squeeze their ass into their favorite pair of jeans or peel off a pair of skinnies agree with me. So what I'm saying is all of us agree with me 0:-)

Denim sticks to everything and shows off every inch of whatever it's (uncomfortably) covering. Can you imagine wearing a whole-ass suit of it? Apparently, that's the new thing. And it's not like, to ironically emulate Denim Britney.

This isn't good for anyone, except maybe Bella Hadid. I already hate squeezing half of my body into a denim death trap. I'm not prepared to cage my tits in one, too.

But alas, celebrities have been experimenting with the look

And what they do, we must do. Long live the Illuminati!

They've even been wearing it to red carpets

Here's Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale looking like a TV painter

Elle Fanning wore the exact same look as street style

Which proves there's now a serious pressure to look as good walking through a random Los Feliz parking lot as you do on the red carpet.

But even normal people are wearing it

You know, if you consider Instagram Influencers "normal."

It seems tough to find a denim suit that not only fits, but looks good on you

But somehow these bitches are doing it!

But if you're down to try something as bold as denim bubble sleeves, I'll toss you some links

Literally no one but her and Jesus Christ could wear this suit

Forever 21 has the look for the low-low

Here's a sleeved suit for only $27!

And a more boho style for the same price.

Or channel some 70s flower power for $50.

ASOS has some fun styles to experiment with

This ruffle look is $87.

And this paneled power-move is $108.

If you're looking for something more classic, this tie-front is only $72.

And of course, Urban has a daring take on the trend that'll make you the cool girl in .2 seconds

Look at the cut, I'm fucking dead. This suit is $78 but worth every penny.

You probably won't see me squeezing into this denim boa constrictor anytime soon. I enjoy living without button dents pressed into my entire-ass body. But I'm looking forward to envying everyone on the Insta TL who can pull this look off. You lucky bitches.

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