The absolute sexiest lingerie for plus-sized babes to bare it all in bed


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The absolute sexiest lingerie for plus-sized babes to bare it all in bed

Sexy has no size, duh

As much as people try to push the idea from their ignorant brains, plus- size girls have just as much sex (if not more!) than a straight-size babe. Another ~~~shocking~~~~ fact is the fashion industry ends the plus-size shopping experience at everyday clothing. Which like, already isn't much.

Thickies staying in for the night to Netflix and chill with a situationship take on the challenge of looking juicy for that special someone. So in the spirit of fat sex (it exists, so deal with it) I've rounded up the sexiest sets of lingerie for us fatties since certain people seem to think we only wear potato sacks in the sack.

Sorry, but I'm over nightgowns

You remember them. They were big, oversized (yes, even for us) and shapeless hospital gowns so long they touched the floor. They gave us no no sex appeal, and even less dick.

Nearly every store that sells lingerie has entire walls dedicated to panties, bras and corsets — but having lived in NYC for over 10 years, I have yet to come across stores catering to my demographic with a department for the bigger girls. I'm totally over nightgowns — where is my sexy matching set?!

Fat girls have sex and my weirdest grossest sex stories should be all the proof you need to show that prior to a dick appointment, we require thottie lewks!

Fat girls thirst trap too, dumbass

Not every plus-size girl is looking for attention online, but many of us are (including me) since we've begun living in a fat hoe revolution.

Playful promises carries this Lotus bra and panty set to make any thickie's titties look flawless. The unconventional straps cross over in the front so your boobs sit large and in charge and receive the full attention. While Rosco Ramone covered up her nips, you'll really make the right impression if you're feeling pasties like this girl:

You could try this Adore Me look

Sexy, comfy, cool in the Svea teddy! #AdoreMe

A post shared by Adore Me (@adoreme) on Feb 10, 2018 at 3:46pm PST

I've been dying to try Adore Me's sex wear, and this teddy is the vibe I'm looking for to make my current dick-me-down dude do everything I ask him to. It's doesn't reveal everything, but that deep V-neck is the look I'm going for to get my ta-tas played with.

Or this Elomi Lingerie's Matilda set

There's no stopping @missalexlarosa in the matching Matilda set. ? #elomiallyou

A post shared by Elomi Lingerie (@elomilingerie) on Dec 3, 2017 at 5:21pm PST

This sexy look comes from one of my personal favorite online shops called Elomi. The thing about this shop is that it's strictly plus-size only. Since fat girls have a hard time searching for cute plus-size lingerie, this online shop has made it their mission to design lingerie specifically for us. They've even featured me in my Morgan Bra (my fav bra) on their feed.

@Ms.Bines can’t help but show off her Morgan.

A post shared by Elomi Lingerie (@elomilingerie) on Dec 22, 2017 at 4:09pm PST

Lingerie is like confidence on crack!

I know when I was trying to be more confident, I would play dress-up in just my bra and panties and stare at myself in the mirror until I started to like what I saw reflected back at me. Once that happened, I became a hoe on the 'gram and my former coworkers can't stop sliding in my DMs to send me eggplant emojis.

And every girl deserves to feel like that! Here are some more sets to practice your narcissism:

Fashion Nova Curve's Good and Guilty three-piece

I'm a big fan of Fashion Nova Curve because they post real women with guts and FUPA to show how everyday women rock their curves in nothing but small pieces of cloth. Fashion Nova's "Good and Guilty Three Piece Set" is a satin and lace combination that's sure to give your girl that wet wet the instant she sees you.'s sexy red one-piece

Feelin' mischevious! ?(SKU: ST-10804X) #LoveYandy

A post shared by (@yandy) on Jan 24, 2018 at 3:52pm PST brought me this fiery red one-piece that covers everything and nothing all at once. I'd buy this in a heartbeat so I could stop the one in my man's chest. If you do decide to splurge on this piece, I'm pretty sure whoever's banging you will be super excited to see all those curves in this get-up.

Adore Me's Balli Set

A pretty unlined bra has us good to ✨ glow! | Balli Set #AdoreMe

A post shared by Adore Me (@adoreme) on Aug 22, 2017 at 4:02pm PDT

A plush pink set is perfect for someone you have a more flirty connection with. This Balli set is simple, but cute enough to make your friends ask where you got it from. You can get this lingerie set for $25 bucks if it's your first time shopping, too.

Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises strappy pieces

This collab line with Gabi Gregg and Playful promises takes the cake as my favorite because you can mix and match pieces without looking like you're wearing a mismatched swimsuit. If you love looking like you just stepped put of a burlesque show, I recommend shopping here. It's fresh, sexy and still low-key classy as hell. Start saving up now for this look becuase it's probably the hottest look a curvy queen could wear before bed.

When you're ready to shed your size insecurities and reveal all that confidence, wear one of these lingerie sets to the dick appointment. Just make sure they don't try to rip it off so you can reuse and recycle it for the next hookup coming in after them.

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