Having a belly shouldn’t stop you from sending sexy nudes, and here’s how to send the hottest ones


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Having a belly shouldn’t stop you from sending sexy nudes, and here’s how to send the hottest ones

Send that tummy with confidence, bitch!

So, you've been texting with a person you, like, actually enjoy talking to. There's little small talk and you're already thinking about the next time you'll hang out, chatting about how "Ingrid's Goes West" was an absolute flop that wasn't even good enough for Netflix to publish it.

But once the going gets good, they ask you the heart-stopping question: "Can I get a pic?" You already know what time it is, and in comes the flood of all of your insecurities surrounding that round tummy you try to cover up.

But to all my chicas who freeze in the moment of a request for nudes, fear not, because we all have an extra piece of meat on our bods that we'd like to forget about, and I'm here to show you how to do those nudes proud:

Lay it ALL out there

My ass looks great, right?

I always like to lay down while taking my nudes because I honestly get better angles. And if I get all the right parts of my body, chances are, he'll stop asking me for more. This shit is hard work, dude, I'm not a Sears Portrait Studio.

Also, laying down while you're doing your photoshoot will make your tummy look just that much flatter when posing for the camera if you are still skeptical of letting it show. You'll have more control twisting and turning into different poses, so they get all of your best angles. Keep it cute, bitch.

Utilize the selfie stick

Get those love handles, girl

People commonly use their selfie stick to take group photos with their friends (some of which you don't even really like), but you should also think about getting one to shoot your nudes—big girl or not. Personally, because of my belly and thighs, I can't be doing all the Cirque du Soleil shit that other thirst-trapping queens are doing for the gram to take a decent nude, so I use my stick to cheat the system.

Pop the booty

FUPA on fleeeeeeek!!!

While you're serving belly, stretch marks and all your other beautiful body parts, do yourself a favor and be sure to pop that booty. My ass is already pretty large, but for those of you who aren't rocking Khlo-Money "assets", lay down on your back, stick your butt out, and your ass is sure to have the bubble-butt look you've always dreamed of.

It took me a lot of time to gather enough courage to send a guy a nude photo of myself. I'm not sure if I blame smartphones or DNA, but guys have gotten much more demanding since flip camera phones became a thing, and I've gotten pretty good at posing and flashing my goodies for the 'gram.

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