It looks like Selena Gomez is going to be our next Marvel superhero


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It looks like Selena Gomez is going to be our next Marvel superhero

Yupppp, you read that correctly

Every sane grown-up on Earth knows Marvel movies are only good for two things: family movie nights and hook-up background noise. But the latest Marvel news almost makes me want to pre-order midnight movie tickets like I'm 16 and obsessed with graphic tees again.

According to a celebrity gossip account on Twitter, Selena Gomez is slated to play a Marvel superhero in the near future.

This girl can't really sing, but she CAN act. Have you ever seen Spring Breakers? (If you haven't, don't watch it now. We don't like James Franco anymore.) She would kill the fuck out of a superhero role.

And even if this rumor isn't true, it's super fun to think about. What would her superpower be? Ripping out and eating The Weeknd's heart? Successfully transitioning from child star to pop star? Tricking the entire population into thinking she's stunning enough to be the most followed person on Instagram?

Hopefully, we'll find out. Marvel I'm waiting on you.

No, literally. We reached out to Marvel and Selena Gomez's team for comment.

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