Wanna do something NAUGHTY this summer? Here’s some cute, crazy summer hair dye inspo


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Wanna do something NAUGHTY this summer? Here’s some cute, crazy summer hair dye inspo

Oh, and it’s all on-trend, of course

I won't lie to you guys — I've always been way too much of a pussy to dye my hair. But every summer, I think about it. Like, heavy. I spend hours digging around beauty Insta looking for the perfect colors. I send pics down the group chats. Sometimes I even text my mom about it, telling her to go ahead and disown me NOW because I'm coming home with some purple locks.

Maybe, just maybe, this year will be my year. I kinda want to do something fun and RECKLESS. I feel like Lana Del Rey and my 15-year-old self at the same time. And I figure even if I don't go through with it, I want to save all of you guys some time by showing you all the crazy summer colors I've collected over the last few weeks.

Here are the trendiest colors for you to do something a little ~*bad*~ with your hair. Or you can just get too drunk on the beach. Up to you.

Rose gold

Rose gold is a cute and understated way to add some flavor to your look, without going full scene girl. Here's Iskra Lawrence wearing a pretty traditional rose gold.


Buttered rose gold

This unique color meshes rose gold with a platinum blonde for an even lighter, brighter look than traditional rose gold. It's a barely-there look that elevates the fun of your look just a little bit.


Denim blue

Denim blue has been trendy on the celebrity scene, with stars from Kylie Jenner to Nicole Richie wearing the look in the few months. It's kind of out there, but will look great on the beach all summer long.


This specific blonde

This yellowy, butterscotch blonde has been on everyone's head lately. It's an almost-natural shade that lets you change yourself up without committing to like, a deep green or something. Plus, it looks adorable with the bright, bold colors you'll be wearing all summer without clashing. A win-win.



Opal hair has major mermaid vibes, but not in a "Little Mermaid bathing suit from Hot Topic" cringe kind of way. It's cute and airy, and totally not over the top. A perfect summer look, IMHO.



Apparently one of the THINGS this year is Tekashi-69 esque rainbow hair. You can love the hair, but don't love the man. That's all I've got to say about that.


Lava hair

Shark Boy and Lava Girl was one of the greatest Disney FILMS of our generation, so it's no wonder everyone is trying to channel her look almost 10 years later. This mixed pink and red hair style is a really bold way to say "I'm HERE bitches" at every summer party you attend this year.


Icy blue hair

This hair literally makes you look like a blue icy pop, and I mean that in the best way possible. It's like someone grabbed the whole-ass sky and plopped it on your head. NATURAL QUEEN.


Neon peach

If you're feeling REALLY bold, this neon peach is a fun move for this summer. The color has recently caught on in the beauty blogger community, and there's really no better time to follow the trend than when it's hot outside. I'd probably crouch towards you for warmth if you wore this in the winter months. Just saying.


Plum hair

Dove Cameron has been wearing this purple wig to film The Descendants, but there's no reason you can't recreate the look IRL. The purple with pink highlights would be great for a girl who's always wearing black and white and is looking for a burst of color.


Silver hair

Gray hair has been in and out of fashion for the last few years, but SILVER hair is 2018's latest trend. The color is more shiny than its matte cousin, and it will literally make you sparkle in the sun. The perfect move for the summer.


Millennial pink hair

It can be tough to commit to one bold color for your whole-ass head, but if you're going to do it, millennial pink seems like the move. This adorable, under-stated color is fun, easy to pair, and obviously adored by millennials everywhere. As long as you aren't working in the E-suite at some stuffy company, you're all good to commit to this look.


Have I convinced you to dye your hair or invest in hella wigs? I sincerely hope so. Because if you do it, maybe I'll do it. I mean, probably not. I'm like that friend who tells you they're gonna get wasted at the party then leaves your drunk ass alone in the club to uber home at 10:30. BUT, I would love to see your hair transformations. Follow me: @unadabiero. XOXOXOXO.

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