Millie Bobby Brown deactivated her Twitter over those ‘homophobic’ tweets


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Millie Bobby Brown deactivated her Twitter over those ‘homophobic’ tweets

Twitter was a mistake

Millie Bobby Brown (or Milky Booby Brown, for those of you who are fluent in stan speak) deactivated her Twitter last night in response to a meme gone wrong.

In 2017, people on Twitter started making up fake stories about Millie Bobby Brown being a bigot and sharing them with the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown. Thus, the strangest form of cyberbullying the internet has ever seen was born.

While this weird trend tapered off a bit, MBB bashing has become en vogue again with pride month. People have been tweeting fake stories about Millie being homophobic by the thousands.

While it's definitely just a gay twitter joke, the baby actress took it pretty seriously and temporarily turned off her account. And like, I don't blame her. She's 13 and getting attacked by the masses for something she literally didn't do. The poor infant queen!

Lots of people are calling for everyone to stop libeling the Stranger Things starlet, and I hope they do. Middle school is already hard enough, you little bitches! Like, this girl just learned to read and you're tearing her down? Immoral.

Make Twitter safe for Millie! I need the updates on her and Jacob Sartorius' turbulent relationship. They keep me young.

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