This is what type of nudes you should send based on your star sign


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This is what type of nudes you should send based on your star sign

Pisces stay taking nudes with their face in it


You seek out boys who cry…like, a lot! And because you're fulfilled fighting people (it turns you on), you go for sending pics of your boob. Not both tits though, because you switch up your sexual moods often. Since you're a fire sign, you take those hot boob pics from all angles. From underboob to side boob to full-on nip, you send the recipient of your nudes a lot of variety.


Taurus will literally go into the wilderness to take a nude — that's how much they value their privacy. When you introduce your sexy bod to someone new person, it's a sacred event, so you'll most likely shoot nudes from lips to belly button. To get the whole snack, they have to send one back.


Ooooh girl, you send nudes like you buy face masks. Because you're just trying to get this D and get out, your go-to is sending them your full bush foo foo. You're not here to waste time, flirt, nada! You're not here for their love and affection, just setting up that dick appointment before that first period cramp suddenly gets you got.


Being a Cancer means whoever you're sending nudes to has all the power in what type of nude you send because you keep filtering out good guys and stay entertaining assholes who treat you like shit! Wake up, bitch! You might as well be his sub because no matter what angle he asks you to shoot your nudes from, you'll take it. Tsk, muthafuckin' tsk!


Leos are all for setting a scene up for their nudes. You enjoy sending what I call the "going out" nude. Your hair is done, your face is beat more than any Drag Race contestant, but you've got all the goods out on display. You'll probably have some costume-like accessory on like a fedora or Jerry beads to set the mood that you know they go wild for.


You may be viewed as one of the most purest signs but in actuality, you put it down like no other. Chances are, you'll send nude pics from the floor because you're very much a perfectionist and want to show off how neat your room is. The recipient will obviously compliment how curvy your body is and they'll be amazed by the color coordination of your wardrobe in the background.


Being an air sign, you take your partners and nudes very seriously which is why the nude you'll send will be in front of a mirror to get ev-er-y-thang. The person on the receiving end getting your nude is someone you're probably already dating because you despise the hump and dump and you don't want to question whether or not you're some cheap floozy.

Once you get bored with them, though, you're onto the next "serious" one.


There's no denying your freakiness. Whoever gets blessed with a Scorpio nudes better be ready for ass, ass and more ass. Not only do you send nude pictures of that juicy bum, but you'll even twerk your bare butt in a nude video. People will say what they want about you, but you throw that ass back, girl.


Any Sag knows they're most likely to send a nude that will make them look small and powerless because they feed off of being a damsel in distress. You're also totally powerless to impulse and love public sex so naturally you're down to take a pic anywhere. Whether it's on your kitchen table or in the locker room, you send your nudes from public places to make the receiver of said nude want to fuck you right there. Nasty!


Since you're a basic bitch who thinks every person they lock eyes with is the one, you use your iPhone nudes folder more than anything — you need an entire deck of nudes on-hand at all times. Sending pics via selfie stick is what you do best because you never know which Mr./Ms. Right has a preference for specific body parts. Go off and show it all, boo.


As an Aquarius, your attention span for partners is a minute. You'll swipe right all day long without even looking at the person's actual bio, basing your judgement of them on whether or not they look like the kind of person who could actually help you finish. Your go-to send a nude comes post-shower because why not kill two birds with one stone when you're lying in bed with nothing but a towel on?


You like to fuck. Period. But you also don't mind cuddling and discussing politics in your after-sex talk as well. Since sex with you is a truly magical experience for them, you're the brave (or maybe stupid) soul who sends nudes with your face in them. Most of your friends will call you a dumb bitch — but that's probably because they're jealous.

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