Is the guy who stole a shark and dressed it up as a baby a hero or an asshole?


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Is the guy who stole a shark and dressed it up as a baby a hero or an asshole?

You decide!

One man's shark freedom fighter is another man's shark terrorist, so I'm not sure what to make of the San Antonio goons who seized a shark out the aquarium, stuffed in a baby stroller and walked out with it disgusted as a newborn.

Ms. Helen, who is a brave and beautiful horn shark, was liberated from her unnatural glass prison and taken in an elaborate heist involving three adults and one infant.

The snatch team were spotted on security cameras staking out Ms. Helen's tank for an hour. One of the men was then seen using a fishing net to seize Miss Helen and wheel her out in the baby stroller. She was recovered in a San Antonio suburb in the house of a fish-loving creep who set up his home to look like what cops called "almost a mock up" of the aquarium.

Keep an eye on the right-hand side of the screen:

Shark theives

This is a video of the suspects. This is linking to the earlier post about the Horn Shark that was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium.

Posted by San Antonio Aquarium on Monday, July 30, 2018

Hard to say if all this is good or not:

– Liberating a fish from being gawked at by handsy Texans (good) + dressing it up as a baby (funny) + taking it to your demented fish dungeon (quite bad) so the result = neutral?

Maybe a better question to ask now the fish thief has been identified as Antone Shannon, 38, is… do you think this man is a hero or a criminal?

Yeah he's probably bad.

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