Man pretends to be a female rape victim to manipulate women


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Man pretends to be a female rape victim to manipulate women

It’s chilling

Here's an insight into the mind of a truly unhinged creep: it's a confession by a guy who pretends to be a girl on a rape survivor forum just to manipulate them. This deranged asshole says he does it to get "juicy info" from them, track down their social media profiles and tells them they "deserved to get raped."

"It was a slow burn. A slow poison. I signed in and just posted a bit. Lurked some. Etc. Soon I had become online-friends with some of the girls. We talked in PMs. I got some juicy info on their stories.

"The forum was and it's one of the better ones for infiltration if anyone wants to try this shit. It's great fun. If you get really close to the girls they often give you their Facebook and you can see their face and put a face to the story. Visualize those doe-eyes getting raped. Fucking LOL.

"I even messaged one girl on her social media, but this time as an anonymous man. I told her she deserve to get raped and just freaked her the fuck out. I still have screenshot of that conversation if anyone wants to see it."

The poster uploaded his bizarre hobby onto a confession forum and has since deleted it. His account has been deleted as commenters piled in and said the guy needs "serious fucking help." Another added: "Do everyone a favor and pass away" and "Never forget that you're going to die alone and miserable in a world that hates and does not need you." Truer words.

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