Should I go to Costa Rica with this wealthy older man I just met?


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Should I go to Costa Rica with this wealthy older man I just met?

Or is it the plot of Taken 4!

Imagine a mysterious and rich man met you in the park – the park! – asked you out, paid for your drinks, gave you gift cards, offered you dental surgery, and then asked to take you away to Costa Rica. Should you go? That's what one girl is asking in a relationship advice post that has to be fiction.

"He saw me at the park alone," says the 21-year-old, which is a good start, adding that he asked to take her picture. "I really didn’t mind because he was friendly, I thought why not. As I didn’t have plans for the rest of that day, he and I went and got some frozen yogurt. He asked if I wanted one of those rides with the horse carriages they do at the park and I never did one of those and thought it would be fun, but I said I can’t because it was expensive. But he insisted so I took him up on the offer and I was blown away because we got a really nice tour and I saw many places I haven’t seen…. He asked me out the next morning, took me to the zoo, museum, smoothies, a fancy restaurant and another park."

The guy, by the way, told her he's 31. The poster's sister says he looks way older. Then the weird bit about him paying for her dental surgery:

"Under the bridge he told me he sees a lot in me and I’m too unconfident and he would like to see that change. He got slightly upset that I wouldn’t really kiss him and kept covering my mouth and when he asked why many times I broke down a little bit and showed him my teeth and started choking up from embarrassment, and then he said he would help me pay for them, I told him I already have free government insurance and i could fix it on my own and thanked him again and told him he really doesn’t have to always be so generous.

"The next morning he emailed me with directions to an institute that works on teeth and said to go there and get an appointment, and that he will pay for everything and not to worry about the cost. I told him that was too nice but with my condition it’s not what he thinks it’s gonna cost. He said he’s going to pay for every single tooth in my head and told me again not to worry about the price. I am shocked."

Y'all consider this a date?

Weeks go by, and he's sending her high-end store gift cards. "I feel so strange. What should I do with all these gifts? I feel so guilty using them."

And then for the million dollar question: "He tells me he’s planning trips with me overseas and he’s going to move me away to live in a private resort area with him."

Should she go! Or is it a scam of some kind! I wonder!

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