Politicians don’t care about climate change because they’re all going to be dead by the time the world ends


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Politicians don’t care about climate change because they’re all going to be dead by the time the world ends

Mitch McConnell is literally 76 years old

Climate change is one of those things that everyone claims to know and care deeply about — we all watched An Inconvenient Truth, after all — but nobody actually gives a shit about. Yes, the Earth is dying and we won't have any rainforests or polar bears by the year 3000 and it's very sad because rainforests are pretty and polar bears are cute. Let's throw a charity gala and donate the proceeds to Greenpeace, shall we?

Unfortunately, it seems like we have all drastically underestimated the urgency and severity of climate change. According to a landmark report by the United Nations, there will be major food shortages, wildfires, and natural disasters by the year 2040. Experts are saying that we can expect to see worldwide devastation, hundreds of millions of deaths, and even the end of civilization as we know it.

That's pretty bad news for most of us, considering 2040 is only 22 years from now. Speaking for myself, I'll be 44 by then. So global warming is no longer just a pesky problem that we're going to hand off to our great-great-great grandkids — it's something that we're going to have to deal with really, really soon.

The United States is one of the top producers of greenhouse gases and if we just got our act together, we could very easily and almost single-handedly prevent the imminent death of our planet. But we won't. Why?

Because THESE are the people in charge of making decisions in our country:

You get the idea. The average age of a representative is 57 and the average age of a senator is 61. Almost half of our senators are 70 years old, and a couple are even over 80 years old.

Is it any wonder, then, that our government refuses to do anything to address the whole global warming thing? Heck, this explains why our politicians flat-out deny that climate change even exists! By 2040, basically all of them will be blissfully dead and buried underneath a world rent apart by tsunamis, hurricanes, and starvation. Sorry, kids! Looks like you're left to clean up this mess on your own.

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