Celebrating the anniversary of when that kid filmed a Musical.ly in front of his dying grandpa


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Celebrating the anniversary of when that kid filmed a Musical.ly in front of his dying grandpa

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah, I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah, let me love you

Imagine you're a proud grandfather, at the end of a long and happy life. You're on your hospital deathbed, breathing raggedly, as you're hooked up to life support. It's an emotional time – you're surrounded by your loved ones smiling and doctors shaking their heads. You've not got long left, and you close your eyes, preparing yourself for the great journey into the unknown.

And then, out of nowhere, your idiot fucking grandson starts blasting DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber's Let Me Love You and begins a dance routine. While you're on death's door, being tended to by medical staff, your hateful offspring – the future of your unhappy gene pool – is filming himself perform a sort of choreographed jig, holding up his hand to show one half of a love heart. What the fuck is he doing! Your life support machine begins to flatline…

This was the final ordeal of Jonas Bridges' grandfather, the unlucky relative of a Musical.ly star who leveraged a death in the family into viral content. Jonas Bridges, who also goes by WoahItsJonas, calls his fans the #WoahSquad. And exactly two years ago, he danced for his fans and sang DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber's Let Me Love You as his grandpa slipped into the ether.

  • Sadly, influencers have only become worse in the two years that have passed between that video and today. They are now poisoning their loved ones with laxatives, bullying their families until they cry, physically abusing them – and in homage to Jonas Bridges, pretending to be on their own deathbeds.

    Jonas has since become a famous internet guy – he boasts 1.7 million followers on Tik Tok (which used to be Musical.ly), and a million more across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. He also sells merch! You can buy $30 hoodies that say "confidence" on them (shipping not included).


    Jonas is mainly a YouTuber who does videos like Opening Your SnapChats **GONE SEXUAL** , FAVORITE SEX POSITION ?!!, 100 LAYERS OF GUM ON FACE !! ( DON'T TRY THIS ) and FOUND OUT I HAVE A PSYCHO BROTHER LOCKED IN MY BASEMENT ?!!

  • We tried contacting Jonas, but he didn't get back to us. We will update if he does, and ask him why he didn't dance to Rihanna and Drake's Work instead. Maybe he has some other relatives?

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