Your iPhone has a secret file with all of your nudes hidden in it


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Your iPhone has a secret file with all of your nudes hidden in it

Apple has been tracking every tit pic you take

Your phone should terrify you for a million reasons, but this one startled me so bad I audibly screamed in the babe office.

Go to your iPhone's photo app right now, click the magnifying glass, and search the word "brassiere." There you'll find a collection of every single nude you've ever taken, stored neatly in this tucked-away little folder.

I've blurred mine because duh, but there they were! And not just "brassiere" photos either — it was butts, other parts, and — randomly — a picture of Emma Stone.

It's not totally sinister, though. The software is just ("just") image tracking. This is what happens when I search "cat":

I'd like to point out that I have 108 nudes on my phone, and 102 cat photos so I really need to get my priorities sorted.

A bunch of search terms can yield your nudes, including seemingly innocuous words and phrases like "bath." Should we use this technology for good or evil? On one hand, our nudes can be exposed faster than you can say "Can I use the calculator on your phone for a sec?" But on the other, his saved naked pictures from exes are immediately searchable.

With great power comes great responsibility, and lots of dick pics.

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