This douchebag made a sex contract for his fiancée, so she got him evicted and fired


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This douchebag made a sex contract for his fiancée, so she got him evicted and fired

Romance isn’t dead!

What do you do if your fiancée wrote a pre-nup agreement that would legally require you to have sex with him once every six months, or else you'd get divorced?

What if he already asked strangers on the internet about it, they all told him he was fucking deranged, and he showed it to you anyway?

Duh, you'd dump his ass and thank God you dodged a bullet — which is what I can only imagine the ex-girlfriend of Reddit user u/led_led is doing right now.

Five days ago, u/led_led posted a (since-deleted) query in Reddit's Legal Advice forum titled "Contracual requirment to maintain promiscuity in a Marrige[CA]." I personally love a man who is too confident to use autocorrect. It read as follows:

My significant other and I have been thinking of getting married, I've made it very clear that before marriage a prenup would have to be signed as I've known too many people screwed over by their spouses and judges. She's ready to sign it but there is one condition I've been thinking of adding that I'm not sure how enforceable it is.

I want my wife to be required to maintain a sexual relationship with me for our entire marriage and if she fails to do so by abstaining from sex without mutual consent for a period of greater than six months than she doesn't get any alimony or child-support from the divorce.

I'm wondering how much it would cost to add such a term to a Pre-Nup and how enforceable would it be?

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets a girl wetter than contractually obligated intercourse!

And just in case you thought this couldn't get douchier, led_led elaborated in the comment section of the original post that he just wanted to avoid a "sex-less relationship" and that he's a hot commodity because he was part of an up-and-coming cryptocurrency "that's going to make millions and a huge potential future income which I want to protect."

He posted a similar question to other subreddits, including r/relationships, r/mensrights and r/redpill.

Three days later, led_led posted another complaint titled "Ex-GF Caused me to Loose Poteional Millions via Slander [CA]," which has also been deleted — but you get the gist. The top reply to that post sums it all up:

"Oh my god you showed her the prenup! I can't believe you showed her the prenup! Everyone told you not to!" said u/kirkl3s.

"You have no recourse unless you can prove the specific amount, and that your ex’s remarks are statement of fact (not opinion, which is protected) which she knew were untrue," said another user. "If she shared her opinion, or said something that's reasonably true, and your business partners ditched you, you’re out of luck unless your operating agreement gives you grounds to recover something from your former business partners."

And if she told his business partners that her ex is a huge, sexist piece of shit who wanted to extract sex from her using legal documents, then she'd be stating her opinion and a hard-and-fast fact.

We reached out to led_led for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

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