Why you should always be the side-chick


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Why you should always be the side-chick

First is the worst, second is the best

Almost every girl has been a side chick at some point, although some will deny it. I haven't worked out if it's because they're ashamed or would rather leave it in the past, but one thing people will say about side chicks, without pause, is that they "feel bad" for them.

There's this agency people assume has been stripped from side chicks, because any self respecting woman would "never allow herself to be used for sex" — but that's horse crap. Being a side chick comes with (almost too much) autonomy. Not to mention it's fun, and it doesn't include all the extra bullshit. The first step is accepting it.

There's none of the messy relationship drama

No shade towards relationships, but we'd be lying if we said they didn't come with a ton of unnecessary, anxiety-inducing drama. When I'm in a relationship with someone, I yell at them for everything. I break up with them three times a week, threaten to fuck their friends and say things like "I bet you never loved me anyway," all because they asked if we could change our drink plans from Tuesday to Wednesday. Needless to say, if I were dating me, I would have a side chick.

You never have to worry about them cheating on you

Another thing that plagues modern day relationships, what with Snapchat, and Instagram and Twitter DMs and all, is that you can never really track whether the person you're seeing is also seeing someone else.

This isn't to say that they are, but they could be. And even if they aren't the fact you constantly dedicate so much time to worrying about whether or not they are is reason enough to leave it all behind.

You don't have to worry about texting all the time

I don't know about you, but when someone texts me every day it starts to turn me off. And yet, when people are in committed relationships that's what they're expected to do, even when they have nothing interesting to say. When you're a side chick you can get straight to the point: Come over?

Besides, they probably don't want you blowing up their phone just incase the person they're dating sees it and starts questioning them.

(Did I mention you won't have to share your bed?)

You don't have to hide anything from each other

Nothing tears two people apart like the things they hide from each other, and people in exclusive relationships hide everything from each other — what they're doing on Tuesday night, who they were flirting with at Ben's 25th birthday party and who they're fucking on the side. When you both already know who you're fucking on the side, it makes it a lot easier.

Sometimes you even end up becoming good friends.

You know they think you're hot

This one is pretty simple. Nobody would see someone on the side if they didn't think they were hotter than whoever they're already seeing.

You get to start all the drama but you also get to walk away from it

If you don't end up becoming friends, because life isn't always that easy, at least you get to walk away from it in the end, no strings attached. There's no messy break up, or calling each other at 1 am wondering if you should try it again. There's no splitting up of the friend group, just a good old *contact delete.*

It's a lot harder to walk away from someone every person in your extended family knows.

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