Taylor Swift’s friends just said they hate her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn


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Taylor Swift’s friends just said they hate her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

‘She’s gone off-grid’

We should've seen this coming from a mile away. No one sings "I'm only me when I'm with you," and manages to retain all their friends while shacking up with some silent, blonde prince.

For a while we thought it was possible. She was ripping through men, left and right, leaving Tom Hiddleston's crushed heart in the dust of her getaway car. But then she met a 27-year-old British actor and model and it was end game.

According to Grazia, one of the members of Taylor Swift's squad says things haven't been the same since Joe Alwyn, 28, came into her life.

"Celebrity friendships are weird. You don't see each other for forever, and you accept that, but Taylor's gone off-grid in a big way since meeting Joe," the anonymous in-squad source said.

And can you blame her? With Swift kicking out members left and right, it's harder to get into that squad than it is to get a guy to text you back. Just ask Lorde, who was recently publicly dissed by Swift. Or Karlie Kloss, but who knows what's happening there. ?

They went on to say that since meeting Joe, her priorities have shifted and everyone's hoping for her sake that it works out. "If it doesn't, she may find herself having to make some awkward reparations," they said.

And now that they two are reportedly living together, it looks like there's no going back. I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's too busy fucking her lookalike boyfriend.