People think Bella Hadid is the reason Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are splitting up


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People think Bella Hadid is the reason Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are splitting up

Would be the hottest love triangle, tbf

Bella Hadid is a lot of things: an international supermodel, and equestrian goddess, and a FaceTune genius. But one thing I feel like she probably isn't is a home-wrecker.

This girl might be a Libra sun, Virgo moon, Leo rising, but I swear she's got some water sign empathy tucked away in there somewhere. Do you remember how upset she still was like a full year after her split with The Weeknd? Plus, she's never (to my knowledge) gotten between another couple — but other people often get between hers.

So there's something about multiple publications claiming that jealousy over Bella Hadid has gotten in the middle of Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart, causing a definitive rift in their relationship. That doesn't quite add up.

Their evidence? That Bella Hadid was allegedly caught making out with Stella at a party in 2015, a year before she started dating Kristen. But these reports, which resurfaced this week, have led people to believe Bella is the reason Kristen and Stella want to take a break. "Stella’s ready to move out of Kristen’s LA home," a source told Life&Style.

But if Stella and Kristen were already having problems — which nobody actually has any evidence they were — this re-surfaced report from a year ago probably isn't the reason they're splitting up.

Besides, the alleged Bella/Stella Kiss took place before Kristen and Stella were even dating. Although their names would make for a cute couple.

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