GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s mom is a suburban realtor in Canada


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GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s mom is a suburban realtor in Canada

We found her mom

Ever since Lil Tay, the foul-mouthed child rap star, shot to fame and 1.3 million Instagram followers last month, a lot of us have wondered – where the hell are her parents?

After all, Lil Tay is only nine years old, yet she claims to own five houses, several luxury cars and a $6,000 Gucci lint roller, which if true, would make her the youngest flexer of the century. Some have speculated that her family might be big in the rap world, feeding her lines behind the camera.

Today babe can exclusively reveal that Lil Tay's manager is actually her mom – and she works in the real estate business in suburban Vancouver. She's named Angela Tian and when she's not filming her daughter throw money and shriek the n-word, she sells detached homes in quiet residential streets next to parks and golf courses.

When I messaged the email address affiliated to Lil Tay's official Instagram, I received a response from an account named "LilTay Management," who asked me to call a number in British Columbia.

Put that number into Google and up pops the realtor profile of Tian, who works for Pacific Evergreen Realty in Vancouver. Which, like, could be one of those teen boy rap collectives — but is actually a real estate agency.

So I combed through Lil Tay's archive, and noticed a woman who looks exactly the same as Angela Tian in her videos. Check out this still from a Lil Tay clip, featuring a mystery woman filming her:

Now look at Angela Tian and her together:

Mystery woman, left, Angela Tian, right

It's the same person. But after I emailed her, I got two responses, both late at night. One told me to call Tian's number in Canada. And then another came two hours later from someone claiming to be Lil Tay's assistant, saying they no longer used the email address [email protected] – they told me to message on [email protected].

Then, Lil Tay's Instagram posted a picture saying: "Lil Tay is not managed by anyone. I am independent. For any business inquiries email [email protected]." We can speculate that the second email followed a mom-daughter tussle in which Lil Tay fired her own mom, but who knows.

She posted this after we emailed

Angela Tian has zero social media presence, so it's hard to know more about her, other than she works in west Canadian real estate, which might explain why Lil Tay's videos take place in empty, luxurious houses.

Neither of the email addresses nor Angela Tian's number have responded so far today. A colleague at her realtor's office did confirm that Tian's daughter was famous.

We will update this post when we hear back to find out just what the hell her parents think they're doing.

If you are well-connected in the Vancouver real estate scene, please contact [email protected].

Update: Lil Tay's mom has been fired from her real estate job

According to the Daily Hive, a Vancouver news site, Lil Tay's mom has lost her job. "When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her," Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group said. "There is no place for this sort of activity in our industry. Angela has only been a realtor with our brokerage firm for only six months."

Update: Lil Tay's mom was actually not fired, according to two of the best investigative journalists the world has ever seen

Jesse Ferreras and John Hua in with the scoop at Global News dot CA – Lil Tay's mom was not fired, but in fact quit. She used her boss' Mercedes 500 SL in a Lil Tay video where she pretended to own the sports car. The video was geotagged "Hollywood Hills," when it was in fact the parking lot of Pacific Evergreen Realty in suburban Vancouver.

The two crack reporters Ferreras and Hua were also able to confirm what we had suspected – that Lil Tay's five properties were empty homes being sold by her mom's real estate company. That toilet that cost more than your rent? It was an open house.

The boss David Yang told Global News he was "disappointed", "mad" and "taken advantage of." He added: "Everybody got caught by surprise."

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