I regret to inform you that the biggest summer trend is just having your full ass and titties out 24/7


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I regret to inform you that the biggest summer trend is just having your full ass and titties out 24/7

What the hell are you even doing outside?

The birds are chirping, the sun is boiling, and us girls can get back to thottin' and boppin' like a Kardashian post-pregnancy snapback.

Now that there's heat back on earth, the summer trend to take the hoeism of 2017 one step further: this year, everything's mesh. I know, I know.

Think of it as an excuse to show your nipples without fearing arrest

In all honesty, mesh looks are the best for summer because it's all the thrill if exhibitionism without getting weird looks on the bus. For some reason, your nipples playing peek-a-boo becomes the most normal thing in the world when covered in mesh. I don't understand it either, but I love it!

You're saving money

A full-on mesh outfit will actually keep your wallet fatter and your hoetation carousel going. You won't have to waste any money on those overpriced bedazzaled bralettes you own 6,000 of from just "popping in" to Forever 21. Rocking mesh is socially acceptable lingerie. And let's face it: most of your panties and bras are wrecked from some horrible adventure anyway, so why not just make your clothes your underwear?

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Wearing mesh makes sex waaaay easier

Taking off a wool sweater isn't hot. Pulling off skinny jeans in the heat kills both boners and dreams. But if you're rocking mesh on your back, thighs or chest you can slip in and out of it faster with ease. Or you can just leave it on (or rip it, omg) because that's kind of hot, too.

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