Here are the sexiest videos of Kylie Jenner


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Here are the sexiest videos of Kylie Jenner

From Snapchat to shower photoshoots

It's without question that Kylie Jenner is the sex icon of a generation. Like, her lips are a visual sensation and a catch-phrase. And fuck, have you seen this girl's body? It's insane. Sure, she might not be quite as popular as her sexy sister, Kim, but Kylie is on her way. Especially with her hot post-pregnancy body. To prove she's a sex ICON, I've rounded up the sexiest videos of Kylie Jenner. Yup, that's right. Every sexy Kylie Jenner video found on the internet is right here, for you to bask in her sexiness.

Just don't tell Kris. Or do. She would probably be so proud of her youngest daughter. Just DEFINITELY don't tell Khloe. She'll feel left out.

Kylie's photoshoot in the shower

Where things got STEAMY (lol)

Kylie Jenner dancing on Snapchat

Shaking that big (probably plastic) booty

Kylie Jenner getting slapped on the ass

In a LEATHER jumpsuit, shoot me in the face

Kylie Jenner twerking with her sisters

Who's the best though???

Kylie dancing in a sexy skin-tight jumpsuit

I want to be this silk silhouette omgggg

Kylie Jenner dressed as sexy Christina Aguilera

Might be better than the original, tbh

Kylie Jenner making out with ex-boyfriend, Tyga

That lip bite 😍

Kylie dressed up as a sexy ninja

She could slice me with a sword ANY DAY

A round-up of Kylie Jenner's sexiest snapchats

So many body con dresses

Kylie Jenner trying on clothes in the mirror

And settling on a skin-tight black dress, because of course

And a Bonus Jonas: Kylie Jenner getting grinded on by Kendall Jenner

The sister she's always doing… strangely sexy stuff with

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