We asked girls for their best friend horror stories, and some of these bitches are straight-up EVIL


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We asked girls for their best friend horror stories, and some of these bitches are straight-up EVIL

They make Taylor Swift look sane, tbh

I love girls. Like, I really do. I think women are WHOLLY better than men in basically every human way. But like Lucifer amongst God's angels, there are obviously some women that are just not great. In fact, there are women who are plain evil. There are Ivanka Trumps and Candace Owenses and Joan Riverses. It's a hard world out there.

We asked girls to tell us their "Oh shit, this bitch is MEAN" stories, and we got some real ex-BFF horror stories. Here they are:

Sarah, 22

I had a friend in high school who made a fake Facebook profile of me and would post statuses like "I stuff my bra." It was so upsetting at the time. We're obviously ex-best friends.

Elle, 28

I have an ex-best friend who asked my boyfriend to lunch to sit him down and convince him to break up with me. Now he's my husband, so loool.

Jenna, 19

One of my best friends in high school always had boyfriends. But at the time I got my first boyfriend, she was single and obviously very jealous. She invited us to her 18th birthday, then kicked me and my boyfriend out in front of everyone. It was so annoying.

Claire, 22

I had a friend in college who wasn't like a best friend, she was just a party friend. I would take her to, like, every social event with me because she didn't have a ton of friends. That should've been a red flag. A bunch of my stuff started to go missing every time I had a pregame or a small party at my house. My friends started to realize the same thing. We found out this girl was a kleptomaniac and had been stealing crazy shit from all of us just for the thrill of it. She stole weird stuff like my birth control, a bunch of makeup, and a hairdryer.

Norah, 25

An old best friend of mine scammed me out of a guy right in front of me. We were in high school, and I had a HUGE crush on one of my guy friends. This girl said she'd help me out and me up with him. She made plans for the three of us to hang out after school. At the time, I thought it was a little weird that she was coming, but I decided to go along with it. We walked to his car after class and she got in the passenger seat, so I had to sit in the back. We went to my neighborhood, smoked weed, and then she made him drop me off. She got to have like a 20 minute ride to her house alone with him. Later, she admitted to me that she liked him the whole time. BASICALLY, I GOT PLAYED INTO BEING A THIRD WHEEL ON MY OWN DATE.

Chanel, 20

My ex-best friend was the first person I came out as queer to. A few days later, she told me she thought having sex with women was disgusting and that she was intimidated by lesbians. Cool.

Sierra, 18

I had a friend who would always tell me I was uglier than her or fatter than her. Luckily, I found my worth and told her we couldn't be friends anymore.

Bella, 20

I once had a friend scream at me and distance herself because I was late to a Starbucks date. I really dodged a bullet.

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