Rest In Bleach: It’s officially no longer cool to be blonde


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Rest In Bleach: It’s officially no longer cool to be blonde

And it DEFINITELY isn’t more fun

I’ve noticed something pretty peculiar this year: blondes are an endangered species. Our top beauty bloggers, our main pop girls, our favorite reality TV stars have all embraced the dark side. I hate to say it, but blonde hair is officially a look of the past.

You can mostly blame the Kardashians

If you've been paying attention to the beauty section of your explore page, you'll notice almost every hot girl on there has butchered, sculpted and replicated their faces to look something like a distant KarJenner relative.

Without the hair to match, are they really Keeping Up? Probably not.

As much as we love to hate them and their messy lives, they've made dark features the center of attention in pop culture. They give off that "exotic" look that makes them look less American and more "ethnic", leaving ignorant men (and some women) to stray from the stereotypical blonde to girls who "look foreign" in nature.

There's been a steep decline in blonde 'It Girls'

Almost all of today's trendiest celeb girls are everything but blond. Ariana Grande has natural sandy brown hair, Camila Mendez' Mexican descent gave her those brunette locks, and Bella Thorne is a fiery redhead. The only real blonds left in Young Hollywood (that anyone really cares about, anyway) are Gigi Hadid and maybe Jennifer Lawrence (and remember, her claim to fame came as a brunette in Hunger Games, just saying).

And in music, Taylor Swift is the only blonde pop sensation left. Demi, Selena, Rih, Beyonce, and Duo Lingo are all raven-hared babes. As much as you want to retaliate and argue that and Halsey and Miley are blond, you need to be checked because c’mon! We see the brown roots, bitch. You’re not fooling nobody.

Darker hair makes other features stand out

Think about it: dark hair with richer features make you look warm and smoldering. Dark hair with light features makes you look intense and alert. Personally, I've never seen an ugly person who had dark hair with bright eyes. Like, why do you think Josh Peck had such an intense glow up? His dark features became more pronounced after losing most of his baby fat and his jawline (ugh, my panties right now!) squared out.

I'm not here to hair color shame (because I know you'll try to make it a thing), but it's just to say that brunettes, red-heads and even strawberry blondes are making their presence known. And quite frankly, they're doing a damn good job of representing for the girls whose moms wouldn't let a drop of bleach touch their roots. Our time is now.

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