Kim Kardashian’s beauty company is investigating a racist incident in its flagship store


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Kim Kardashian’s beauty company is investigating a racist incident in its flagship store

A white member of staff told a customer he would ‘get her deported’

Kim Kardashian's makeup brand is investigating an incident of racial discrimination at its flagship store after a white staff member reportedly threatened to have a customer deported, babe can reveal. Kim's company, KKW Beauty, is looking into the June 30th event that left a Native American woman stunned when a white store worker allegedly asked if she was Mexican and said: "Get back in line and wait or I'll make a call and get you deported."

Nicole Johnny, an MBA student at Pepperdine University, told babe about what happened when she went to KKW Beauty's Los Angeles store with her mom and brother on Saturday night. "I was really shocked," she said. "We waited maybe an hour to get in the store. We were the last people in line and there were two security guards, one was African American and one was white."

Nicole, 28, waited her turn to be called inside, and seeing the door open and nobody in front of her, she said she took a few paces forward before the white security guard snapped: "Get back in line and wait or I'll make a call and get you deported. You're Mexican, right?"

Nicole Johnny

"I felt very uncomfortable and very unwelcome," Nicole told babe. She says the other security guards noticed and let her inside with her mom and brother.

Once inside, she said she started testing makeup palettes to see which one she wanted to buy, when the white security guard came up to her and said: "If you're not going to buy anything, I need you to leave."

"I looked at him and I was like, 'are you serious?' I asked him why, because there was no-one in line waiting to come into the store, we were the last people – my mom was making a purchase!" He stepped away when a female staff member asked if she could help her find anything, but Nicole says she noticed him continuing to watch her. She didn't buy anything and then left.

"We’re there for makeup and perfume, we’re not there to be told we'll get deported," Nicole added. "It’s so insulting to say that to people of color… I’m Navajo, I’m indigenous. I had to explain myself and my cultural heritage to this guy who wanted to deport me."

Nicole messaged KKW Beauty, a makeup empire so successful it made $14 million in its first 20 minutes of existing. A rep responded to Nicole and told they would investigate the matter immediately. "We are so sorry to hear about your experience at our store," they wrote to Nicole. "We have a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind."

We have contacted KKW Beauty's team and will update this post when we hear back.

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