The latest thing women can’t do without being blasted online: Literally just going on vacation!


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The latest thing women can’t do without being blasted online: Literally just going on vacation!

Welcome to Hell!

Welcome to 2018. It’s a lawless wasteland and privacy doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t even get on a plane anymore without some lecherous wannabe-BuzzFeed reporter chronicling your every move for millions of strangers around the globe. This is the world we live in.

And you know what? The 1984-style hyper-surveillance shit doesn’t end when the plane lands. Nope! Now, along with being alive on the internet, posing in front of balloons on your birthday and attending festivals while wearing clothes, literally just going on vacation is an activity ripe for vilifying and public humiliation just because you are a woman in the world.

You would think that, in 2018, the so called “walk of shame” — sometimes patronizingly rebranded a stride of pride — would have become commonplace enough that it’s not commented on. A woman returning from a hook up or an all-night party isn’t exactly newsworthy. But a new Facebook page, lovingly chronicled in the Daily Mail, has emerged this summer as a new place for women to be humiliated online! As if there were not enough!

The Maga Walk of Shame Official Fan Page was only made this summer season, but it already has a disconcerting 8,500 fans — and that number is steadily rising thanks to a deluge of coverage by tabloids and magazines like LadBible (not exactly known for their progressive politics). The page itself makes for grim reading.

In one video, a girl is literally followed down a street by a cameraman who demands to know where she spent the night, before telling her to go take a shower. Several of the women featured, who the Daily Mail takes pains to point out are wearing “barely any clothes” — the temperature in Magaluf is currently 81 degrees, by the way — struggle to hide their faces and cover their cleavage from the men filming (and let’s be honest, stalking them) without their consent.

While the Facebook page itself has attracted the ire of many, with women branding it “creepy”, “sexist” and one poster writing that its attempts to shame vulnerable young women is “disgusting”, it doesn’t seem like the page’s founder cares an awful lot about that.

Posting on Facebook under the name David King and branding himself a “journalist”, David’s profile is mostly embarrassing photos of himself DJing in trashy EDM clubs, and posts where he unironically uses the crying laughing emoji, the electronic mark of an idiot. He is also, inexplicably, in an official relationship on Facebook.

It’s easy to laugh at these pages — and at the pond scum who run them — but take a step back and see them for what they are. It’s an even more sinister extension of stunts like PlaneBae, which deny girls agency, privacy and safety when trying to walk home from what looks like some pretty great nights out. It’s not far off revenge porn.

It’s not all bad, though. Gio Haig, whose boyfriend told a girl to “take a shower” as she walked down the Maga Strip, commented on the backlash on his video “Well, he’s my partner. I agree he’s a Spanish wanker but trust me he gets it. I agree he’s a dick and should have left this girl alone. I’ve had my word with him — won’t happen again x.”

Gio, my good sis. Dump this man.