Looks like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are headed to a breakup — and honestly, I’m here for it


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Looks like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are headed to a breakup — and honestly, I’m here for it

Pete has deleted his Instagram…

It might feel like just yesterday that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson announced that they were dating — and to be fair, it was actually only a few months ago — but now it appears that their sickeningly sweet and PDA-fueled relationship may be finally drawing to a close.

The first sign that not everything is perfect in paradise is that Davidson has covered up his Ariana Grande-inspired bunny mask tattoo. This iconic tattoo, an obvious reference to his fiancée's love of bunny ears, was first spotted back in June. Now, however, the bunny mask has been covered up by a massive heart-shaped blob with a small "A" next to it.

People on Twitter noticed the cover-up this weekend and understandably freaked out. A source told Page Six that this isn't a big deal and that Davidson simply transformed it to match a tattoo that Grande already has on her body. But nobody seems to know if Grande actually has a giant heart tattooed on her body. And that makes me wonder if it even exists.

This has been the latest in a series of incidents that indicate that the two are headed for a breakup

Taken alone, perhaps this incident wouldn't be very suspicious. But this has been the most recent development in a rapid series of eyebrow-raising events that has made many question the integrity of their relationship.

In an hour-long interview with Howard Stern on September 24, Davidson made some extremely tasteless remarks about Grande. "I was jerking off to her before I met her!" he bragged. He also said that he's "never been prouder" than when former President Bill Clinton ogled Grande's ass while she performed at Aretha Franklin's funeral.

What's more, he also commented that he felt "really bad" for the pastor who pretty obviously groped a very uncomfortable-looking Grande at that funeral. "He did a stupid joke, he's a pastor," Davidson said in his defense. "He did a shitty joke, broadcast it on TV. Shitty situation…I feel bad for that guy."

But this hasn't even been the first time that he's spoken about his fiancée in an objectifying and disrespectful manner

As many other people have also pointed out, Davidson often talks about her like she's a trophy, and not an actual human being. "I feel like I won a contest," he told Jimmy Fallon. "It's so sick. It's fucking lit, Jimmy. It's so lit." Davidson boasted that other men would tip their caps at him and tell him things like, "Yo man, you gave me hope!" He also bragged that his "dick's forever hard" thanks to Grande.

And while some people find this cute, albeit a little TMI, many others have taken issue with the fact that he routinely talks about her in a pretty gross and disrespectful way. And the fact that he was actually proud of watching his fiancée be sexual harassed at Aretha Franklin's funeral speaks to how he views her primarily as a sex trophy that he can parade about.

Davidson even went so far as to joke that he "switched her birth control with Tic Tacs" to "make sure she can't go anywhere." At this point, you can't even justify it as an attempt at humor. It's just plain creepy and manipulative — and it's also worth mentioning that plenty of women actually experience birth control sabotage, leading to unwanted pregnancy and health risks. It's not really a laughing matter, obviously.

So, for Grande's sake, I hope the two of them have broken up. Pete Davidson is a pretty trash human being with a shitty sense of "humor" and she deserves so much better. It appears that Davidson has deleted his Instagram sometime today. Could this be a sign that they've broken up? One can only hope!

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