This YouTube dad posts videos of his kids getting kicked in the face, locked in cages and called homophobic slurs


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This YouTube dad posts videos of his kids getting kicked in the face, locked in cages and called homophobic slurs

He’s called KidBehindACamera

A famous YouTuber's creepy videos have resurfaced, which show children being hit and called homophobic slurs, prompting allegations of child abuse. KidBehindACamera, a vlogger with two million subscribers and affiliated merch, is known for viral videos like DRINKING GASOLINE? and THE DOG FOOD CEREAL PRANK! His real name is Michael Green and he uploads clips with his dad Charles, whose channel is The Angry Grandpa Show (four million subs).

But a number of his older videos have emerged, and they include troubling scenes where young children are thrown to the ground, kicked in the face, scared with knives, insulted, yelled at and locked in cages, all in the name of content.

One of Green's children crying

Compilation videos are now circulating, made by YouTubers trying to draw attention to the disturbing scenes on Michael Green's channels. This clip below, at 4:00, shows Green throwing one of his kids across the ground.

And the video below begins with a clip of a child being kicked in the face:

  • That video also contains a scene (2:52) where the Angry Grandpa yells homophobic slurs at his grandson. "You're being a queer! A queer!" he shouts. "He's a queer! He ain't gonna be a goddam queer! I'm tired of this shit! All y'all ever do is buy them gay shit" Then he throws a toy truck at his grandson.

    Well, what would you expect from a guy who likes to call people 'faggot', 'slut' and 'retard'?

    In a prior interview with babe about dangerous YouTube channels, a child abuse expert condemned the trend of videos where minors are hurt and bullied. Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, said: "The worst thing a parent can do is shame their kid because it destroys self-esteem and self-confidence." By showing kids how to be main and laugh at other people's pain, Dr Peagram explained, it means those kids will "foster that behavior" themselves. Dean Tong, also a child abuse expert, said YouTubers who harass their kids in the name of content was a "form of psychological, mental and emotional child abuse."

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