‘Chub traps’ are the sexiest thirst traps featuring thicc girls ONLY


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‘Chub traps’ are the sexiest thirst traps featuring thicc girls ONLY

You know you’re all about this bass

Although there are numerous nudes of Gigi and Bella, several thirst traps starring Kendall and Kylie, and so many pics featuring scantily-clad Emily Ratajkowski we don't know if she owns clothes anymore, putting bods on blast aren't just for straight-size girls.

Chub trappers are here to impact your Instagram feed, and they're here to stay.

Chub traps are tasteful and creative

Many curvy babes who chub trap frequently know that the ideal pic is very carefully chosen. We know being a thicc thot requires thick skin.

We're aware that certain people (I'll say it: fatphobic bitches!) aren't hip to the fat hoe revolution, but it's happening at a lightning fast pace. The only way for them to get over it is to continue throwing this ass back in their faces. Chub traps are the thirst trap that always come correct because we take on the responsibility of demonstrating just how well big girls can werk it.

Expect tiddies for the taking

…and c'mon. You know you wanna see us nakey nakey naked

#pawgs #pawgbooty #pawgwhooty #phatassbooty #phatasses #bbw

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Quite frankly, people need us fat chicks to thirst trap because displaying our half naked (or straight up nude) bodies online means that we're keeping people woke. Giving strangers a different perspective on what's beautiful is why I enjoy putting my ass out there, literally.

Thunder thighs resurrect lives


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Despite the many tribulations of having thick thighs, we embrace them and put them out there with their lumpy, crater-like characteristics for the world to see. Chub trapping, with thighs being the center of attention, can sometimes make thinner girls jelly because thick thigh have become trendy all of a sudden. Who could've seen that one coming besides Nicki Minaj?

And tummies are out of hibernation for good

This pink is my favorite color?? what’s yours? Swimsuit by @venomclothing_

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Made it ??????

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#BTS for @cosmopolitan ? #selflovebringsbeauty

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We've stopped begging brands to put us on their magazine covers, in their movies or on their runways. We've halted all expectations of a potential handout because it's been evident for years that it's not happening until we force them to listen. And the thousands of likes on these posts are all the evidence us fatties need to prove that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.

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