VOTE: Which celebrity would win in a fight?


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VOTE: Which celebrity would win in a fight?

Yes, we’re serious

Do you ever lie in bed at night, wondering if Kim Kardashian can fight? Or is it just me? Like, yes, Kimmy is a total girly-girl — she famously cried about earrings! But imagine a post-apocalyptic society where she has to fight zombies. Could she swing a bat alongside the rest of us? And even if Kim Kardashian couldn't fight off her mother Kris in a rabid, flesh-eating form (not dissimilar to her normal form, to be honest) could she at least beat up Taylor Swift? Not zombie Taylor. Regular Taylor?

It was this question that inspired me to bring Celebrity Deathmatch to in 2018. What celebrity would win in these fights — to settle beef or just for bragging rights? And yes, before we start, I want you to know that Selena CAN fight. Tyvm.

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