I accidentally got an online sex slave, and it’s actually kind of amazing


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I accidentally got an online sex slave, and it’s actually kind of amazing

His name is Ben, and he’s mine

Maybe you haven't heard, but 2018 has become the year in which women will rule — even if we have to take it by force.

Although a lot of men don't know or care how unequal we are, there are some men who know what's up. That's how I became a Goddess to Ben, a 28-year-old Frenchie looking for a dominant partner.

This is how it works

Ben actually came into my life over a month ago after I posted an old article in which I asked white guys on Tinder if they'd be my slave. Ben was already a fan of Babe. He read the article and proposed servitude to me.

He didn't have the funds, but it was a nice gesture

He believes women should rule over men

Ben identifies as a female supremacist, which is different from misandry. "Women are more beautiful and the goal should be to preserve and worship beauty," he said. "I'm against equality and pro-hierarchy. Someone has to be on the top, and I think women should lead the way."

Ben explained how D/s works

"It depends on you. I'd do whatever you command," he described over Twitter. Cleaning my house and kissing and massaging my feet were some of the examples he wanted to offer me. Essentially, by his virtue, Ben's life purpose is to make my life more comfortable.

Ben's mission and desire is to serve only one woman for the rest of his life — and that in order to enjoy sex, he requires domination. "I don't enjoy having normal sex. I need a woman to dominate me. I want a woman to break me and mold me. Her pleasure is my highest goal."

And despite being the partner in power, I could still consider our situationship a legit relationship

"If the woman I adore is happy with me as a partner it could be a D/s relationship," he said. "But if she prefers me just as a slave and wants to date other guys it would be fine as well." Ben addresses me as Ms. Ari (my name rocks!) but honestly, he'd call me whatever I want.

I'm no expert on BDSM, but Ben isn't looking for a professional dom — there's more exploration with someone as inexperienced as me. He said that his servitude would go so far as to stop speaking to his entire family if they didn't come correct with my color. "If they disrespect you in any way, I would side with you and cut off ties with them," he said. Damn!

Sexual requests are demeaning for him, but he enjoys it

"There's this thing called orgasm control," Ben wrote. "The mistress controls the male's orgasm through verbal or other signals." Ben said that with my "power" I can determine if he finishes or not, if he can jerk off and even whether or not he's even allowed to breathe during something called smothering. "It's similar to face-sitting, only with additional emphasis on breath play where the sub gets deprived of air for some time."

Ben is still a student so he can't afford to fly me out to see him…but he did offer up his entire apartment for me to live in to make him my bitch boy. "If you come here you can live in my apartment for free. You get the keys and get to decide everything!" It's a tempting offer, sure.

To some it sounds weird, but I finally understand why female dommes enjoy what they do. Although Ben and I have never met in person, we both enjoyed the power switch because it relieved him of the assumed male responsibilities. Life is just better when women are handed the keys.

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