I hate my boyfriend! How to deal with your boyfriend being a dick


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I hate my boyfriend! How to deal with your boyfriend being a dick

So, your boyfriend is being an asshole…

Honestly, some days, we all hate our boyfriend. Whether he's hangry and acting like a complete asshole, or he's being annoying for no good reason, there are plenty of days when I want to block my boyfriend and never acknowledge his existence ever again. But we stick with our guys because there's something there that we just can't find in anyone else. If you find yourself saying "I HATE MY BOYFRIEND" every once in a while… I get you. And it might be bad enough to break up with him.

Here's how to know when to break up with the boyfriend you hate.

If you're saying 'I hate my boyfriend' because he is cheating on you, break up with him

I hate to say it… but cheaters don't really change. And you deserve better than a guy who gets with other girls! If he's cheating on you and you aren't cool with it, you need to let him go. He's going to do it again. I swear to God.

If you're saying 'I hate my boyfriend' because he hates your friends, break up with him

If your guy hates your friends and is always ragging on them in front of you, or if he tries to stop you from hanging out with them, it's time to kick him out of your life. Your girlfriends are always going to be more important than a guy. And if he feels threatened by your group chat, he's either hella controlling, hella insecure, or a bit of both. You don't need a guy like that. It's bad for your friendships and it's bad for you. Your friends are a reflection of yourself. And if he doesn't like them, he doesn't really like you either.

If you're saying "I hate my boyfriend" because you got in an argument over something important… break up with him

If you recently got into a huge fight with your boyfriend that made you hate him… there's probably a good reason you feel that way. If you disagree about something major like politics or religion and he was rude about it, he's probably not your ideal life partner. And if he made you feel bad for your beliefs or bullied you for your opinions — get the fuck out of there!

If you're saying 'I hate my boyfriend' because he's not putting a lot of effort into your relationship, break up with him

We've all dated a dude who pretends he doesn't care. He doesn't text back, he doesn't set up dates, and he definitely doesn't surprise you in cute ways you thought a boyfriend would. If your boo's lack of attention is starting to be a turn-off, you should give him a warning. Then, dump him if he doesn't change. It's ok to have standards. And a boyfriend who cares? That standard isn't even super high. You deserve someone who makes you feel wanted, not someone you hate because he acts like he doesn't know you.

If you're saying 'I hate my boyfriend' because he mooches off you, break up with him

If your boyfriend is constantly asking for money with no plans to pay you back, and it's getting to be a barrier to your relationship, you should probably break up with him. There's a strong chance he's using you, especially if he hasn't been putting a lot of effort into your relationship. If you think he's worth holding on to, have a serious conversation with him about how money issues are turning you off. If he makes a change or makes sure you feel less taken advantage of, you can decide to keep him or not. But if he's constantly asking you to shell out for nothing in return… get out of there, sis.

And if you're saying 'I hate my boyfriend' because he is abusive , break up with him if you can

If you need help, you can call The National Domestic Violence Hotline or use their chatrooms. They can help provide a path to safety, and resources for survivors of domestic violence.

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