Am I pretty? Take these quizzes to find out!


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Am I pretty? Take these quizzes to find out!

An answer to the age-old question

We all have off days where we wonder: "Am I pretty? Am I hot? Will I ever find love? Is my life just a cyclone of misfortune, ending in death?" I'm sure even hot supermodels deal with this. Right? Right???? If you're questioning whether or not you're pretty, or just looking for reassurance that you're as hot as you think you are, not to worry! I'm going to help you answer the age-old question your mirror sometimes can't: Am I pretty? Really?

Here's every quiz, app, and Reddit thread that will tell you if you're pretty. But just as a disclosure… I'm watching you through your front cam, and I think you look pretty fucking good.

Am I pretty? There's an app for that

There's an iPhone app on the Apple Store that will answer your burning questions with just one selfie. The Hot-O-Meter rates you from "Dog" to "Hot." Glad we developed such advanced AI for a reason.

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Sometimes, you just know if you're pretty based on your personality

Here's a quick personality quiz that knows if you're cute, pretty or hot based on how you spend a million dollars. Basically, it's a quick way to answer "Am I pretty?" without having to look at the front camera. A win-win.

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Here's a quiz that measures your appearance based on your features

This quiz claims it can tell if you're hot based on your features. Tell the site what color your eyes are, what shape your nose is, and what your latest haircut looks like and it'll rate you. Sounds sweet. And there's plausible deniability if you get an answer you don't like.

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And here's a website that analyzes a picture of your face

If you want more scientific results than a personality quiz but you don't want to go all in and download an app, there's a website that will scan a selfie and tell you if you're hot. Seems like the perfect middle ground for when you're having an insecure day. is the real deal. Just ask the babe staff.

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If you still aren't satisfied, try asking losers on the internet

I know it's slightly terrifying, but there are entire Reddit communities dedicated to rating people's appearances. They're probably full of creeps, but if you're really feeling it, you can always ask their opinions. There's plenty of message boards to choose from. I'd try r/Rateme, r/amiugly, or r/amipretty. I've never tried any of these, so good luck!! Please don't get axe murdered. The reddit guys kind of scare me.

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But really guys, I need to remind you: No matter what these quizzes say, you're beautiful in your own way. Don't, like, off yourself because of these quiz results. You're beautiful and worthy of love!! That's all. Love you guys. Xoxoxo.

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