Did Kylie Jenner have plastic surgery? An investigation


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Did Kylie Jenner have plastic surgery? An investigation

Signs point to…yes

Kylie Jenner is THAT girl. She’s a millionaire sex icon, thot mom, and still eats Burger King in her Rolls Royce on the reg. Basically, she’s the person we all want to be. But my main question about her existence — I mean, other than how she makes — is how she has such a great body. Like, is it really the result of exercise and some super great genetics. Or is Kylie holding back on us about how much plastic surgery she’s gotten? I tend to believe it’s probably the latter. I did a Kylie Jenner plastic surgery investigation to see just how much work this girl has gotten done. Here’s all the evidence, completely unbiased.


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Well, maybe a little biased by my bruised ego. But that’s it. I swear to God.

Kylie has openly admitted to having lip injections

And like, good on her. I don’t care if you get plastic surgery as long as you’re honest. Her motivation for lip fillers was pretty sad though. Kylie said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she got lip fillers after she kissed a boy and he made fun of her lips.

pop up ?

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But Kylie has denied getting other surgery. Like, a lot of times

When fans accused her of getting a boob job, she went on Snapchat and made an entire video about the rumors — saying her ‘extra push’ was from her Victoria’s Secret bras. I bet she got paid out the ass for that one.

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Most of the other times, she has accredited her MEGA face and body changes to puberty and makeup. She told Cosmopolitan that she’s never had facial reconstructive surgery, but that since she got older her “face is going to get different. Now, I know how to do my makeup, contour, and everything.”

Another reason she says her body looks different now? Spanx. When she was accused of using butt pads or implants on a Snapchat story, she let us know the “truth.”

But still… the photos kind of speak for themselves

Like, how many viral tweets have y’all seen about Kylie’s transformation? A lot.

The changes are pretty evident when you look at her from 2013 to now.

And her body? Phew.

Plastic surgeons who weigh in think MAJOR work has been done

One surgeon told Cosmopolitan Kylie has likely had multiple surgeries, including fat transfers to her hips and butt and breast augmentation. We’d guess she got face fillers, too.

hump day

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But really, it’s up to you

So there you have it. You’ve heard from Kylie, Twitter, and some deadass professionals. I’m not going to tell you what to think, I’m just going to give you all the evidence and a little nudge. As one last parting gift, I’d like to pose a question: Has there EVER been a family without the less-fortunate kid? Let me know.

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