This is how you can hide your Instagram pics without losing likes


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This is how you can hide your Instagram pics without losing likes

If you’re trying to be scandalous

For those of you who are deluded into thinking you're Instagram famous with those 2,000 followers, this one's for you. While it's easier to delete Instagram pics from your grid, you may want to keep those sexy photos in an Instagram folder for a later time. Here's how to hide use your Instagram archive to stay hoeing without your parents knowing.

Go to your profile and choose the photo you want to hide

Be very selective on which Instagram photos you choose to hide. If you're an extra-ass bitch like me and have an Instagram aesthetic, you can mess up the order of the entire grid. When you bring back your thottie pics, though, they'll be back in the position they were in when you first posted it.

Click the three dots at the top and select archive

After choosing to archive the photo, it'll be hidden from the profile and grid. When you hide the image from the grid, only you will have access to it and not even your friends will be able to search for it even if they've received a notification from the post itself. Once the insta pic is gone from the grid, it'll remove all of the notifications that were relevant to that photo. And thank the heavens for it, so your ex can stop Insta stalking and jerking off to your most sexy finsta pics.

To out it back on your grid, hit the clock symbol

The archive page will show up

You can use the archive drop down to choose between either sifting through your Instagram stories to upload them to your stories a second time (for when you're thirsting to get more views on them). Otherwise, go back to plan A and unhide your image and/or video posts that you want back in your feed for when

After unarchiving your instagram, your picture should be placed exactly where you left it from when you posted the photo. Unfortunately, you can't shift the placement of your photos of the grid, because Instagram only allows you to post in chronological order, but you can always delete it and repost it as a completely separate post and hope for the same amount of engagement. Good luck with begging for those likes, hun.

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