Who the fuck is Tana Mongeau? Meet the Bella Thorne-adjacent Youtuber who might have filmed a dead body


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Who the fuck is Tana Mongeau? Meet the Bella Thorne-adjacent Youtuber who might have filmed a dead body

And sometimes she’s a rapper

Here at babe, we tend to love a multi-faceted woman. After all, we're all deliciously complicated, so we want our quasi-famous internet personalities to reflect that, right? After all, Tana's got almost 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and almost a million Twitter followers, so clearly a lot of people are picking up what she's putting down.

  • But even though Tana Mongeau is popular and has a diverse skill set (on paper), she's also kind of a dumpster fire — she's got a past of on-camera, hard0R racial slurs, she collaborated with known racist Jeffree Star in April and she's really good friends with Bella Thorne which isn't problematic but seems really… tiring, if you know what I mean.

    Surprise, surprise, she's a Youtuber

  • Youtube culture makes me feel like the most ancient 23-year-old in the world. Basically, Tana got famous telling crazy, dramatic stories. She's talked about near-death experiences, her family history, drugs, alcohol and losing her virginity — and millions of people have tuned in to see her do it.

    This is just like, a total disconnect for me. I cannot fathom the appeal of this type of entertainment — literally, go talk to your friends or something! They have stories, too! But I guess I just don't understand kids these days.

    She was Bella Thorne's rumored girlfriend

    Mmmmm tastes like candy ?

    A post shared by BELLA (@bellathorne) on Sep 27, 2017 at 2:43pm PDT

    After Bella and Tana posted pictures kissing each other online, Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne dating rumors exploded all over the internet — but much to basically nobody's chagrin, they weren't actually a couple, just friends who make out on camera.

    This about sums it up // Midnight Sun is in theaters tonight go watch!!!

    A post shared by Hunter Moreno (@huntermoreno) on Mar 23, 2018 at 4:12pm PDT

    Bella is actually dating weirdo rapper Mod Sun, and Tana has been (unofficially) linked to a guy named Hunter Moreno who… directs all of their music videos, or something.

    She got exposed when she tried to call out another Youtuber's racism

  • Oh, Tana. People in glass houses (who have been filmed screaming the n-word) shouldn't throw stones (be super self-righteous about another YouTuber saying the n-word).

    Tana was exposed, and later apologized — we know this song and dance. It feels like we've been doing it forever. If you truly want to know more about Tana, some shitlord named iDubbbz and the dumbest feud ever, you can click here for an explainer. Or you could just gouge your own eyes out. Whatever!

    She makes music, and it's super shitty

  • I'm not going to act like the gatekeeper of good taste — I unironically love Bhad Bhabie — but Tana Mongeau's music is like, offensively bad. Take, for instance, her song "Hefner," a rap (?) anthem which includes lyrical gems like this Migos-worthy triplet: "Yo, I fucked your bitch/I'm sorry I'm rich and you're not/Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana."

    You can listen for yourself, but I bet whatever you're imagining isn't even as bad as the real thing.

    She also might have low-key pulled a Logan Paul

  • When Logan Paul filmed, posted and then apologized profusely for filming and posting a suicide victim on his YouTube channel, some Internet Explorers dug this nugget up from Tana's archives — the time she and fellow YouTuber Channon Rose found "a dead guy" at "the beach."

    Basically, they claimed they stumbled upon the "body" in a public bathroom, and then proceeded to watch (and film more) as lifeguards and EMTs fussed over the prostrate figure. What a time to be alive! In the wake of the backlash, Tana deleted her video — but Channon Rose's version is still live.

    And she says she wants to throw her own convention, 'TanaCon'

  • I won't be in attendance.

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