Stop blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death


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Stop blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death

Ariana had to disable comments on her Instagram

There is no denying that Mac Miller's death is deeply tragic and unfortunate. He deserves to be treated with respect and remembered for his many accomplishments as a successful rapper.

However, it is utterly reprehensible and deeply misogynistic that people are somehow finding a way to blame Ariana Grande for her ex's passing.

Shortly after the news broke of Mac Miller's death, people immediately flooded Ariana's Instagram with malicious comments calling her "lowkey evil" and telling her that "this is your fault." She's had to disable comments.

Let's get one thing straight: Ariana Grande is not to blame for Mac Miller's death. He had been suffering from substance abuse issues for years. Drugs killed Mac Miller, not Ariana Grande.

And in fact, Ariana did her best to help him through his drug addiction while she was dating him. As she explained on Twitter shortly after they broke up, she had "cared for him and tried to support his sobriety & prayed for his balance for years."

But Ariana is ultimately not responsible for Mac Miller's choices. When she broke up with him because of his addiction, that was a completely valid choice. She was under no obligation to stick it through and help him become sober.

And the criticism that she's receiving now reflects that society is still hell-bent on blaming women for the choices that men make with their lives. It reeks of the same logic behind victim-blaming rape survivors and enforcing sexist dress codes — the idea that women must change their actions and behaviors in order to help men control their actions.

The idea that there was something that Ariana could have or should have done to prevent Mac Miller from doing drugs is patently ridiculous, and it's time to stop shaming and blaming women for what men do.

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