How to guarantee the one person you put that Snap on your story for sees it


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How to guarantee the one person you put that Snap on your story for sees it

‘Nothing to see here’

There’s nothing worse than scrolling through the names of the people who have viewed that absolute thirst-trap you posted on your Snapchat story, and realizing the only one who hasn’t seen it is the person you posted it there for in the first place . . . and they only have about an hour left.

At this point you’re desperate and know you won’t be able to re-create such a masterpiece. The lighting is all wrong, you wiped off all the makeup you put on just for that photo, and you’ve already changed into a comfier, far less attractive bra.

Here’s how you can save it all next time.

Put something attention catching at the center of the photo

We’ve all been there, sat with a magnifying glass over the tiny-preview circle of an ex boyfriend or friend, trying to figure out what they’re up to or who they’re with now. Instagram offers a relatively good insight into a person’s life, but most people only post on Instagram once every few days, and a lot of people have their Grams set to private anyway.

If you put something attention grabbing at the center of the photo, it’s guaranteed to show up in the preview bubble. This way, someone might spot something they like and tap into it without thinking.

Only post thirst-traps, and post them multiple times a day

This way, when they inevitable forget to tap out before the snap story for the person above you ends, or their thumb slips and they accidentally tap on your little circle they’re guaranteed to see a lovely picture of your tits face instead of your dog or your brunch, and they might end up coming back for more.

Put something wild immediately after it on your story

This way, if you’re close enough with the person, you can text them asking if they’ve seen that “absolutely hilarious thing” on your snap story yet (It was so funny you accidentally posted it without sending it to people individually first), and they’ll have to go through all of the photos of you to get there.

Tweet about how EVERYONE should go watch your snapchat story ‘now’

Telling ‘everyone’ to watch your story is a perfect way of getting around telling someone individually. It seems less pointed, and if there does happen to be a hot photo of you somewhere in the mix, maybe they’ll think it’s aimed at someone else and get jealous. If it was for them you would have just DM’d it — right? It’s at least worth a shot.

Note: This only works if they follow you and/or care about your twitter. Could also tweet something like “Ugh I hate when guys screenshot my Snapstory — it’s not for you”, and everyone will come to look.

Post it in the morning

Even the most put together of humans have days where they do the morning treasure hunt on their phone: Scrolling back to see what texts they shouldn’t have sent, checking their Instagram to make sure they spelled that caption correctly, checking photos to see what they got up to between the fourth and fifth bar. And, of course, checking Snapchat to see what stories they should delete, and what stories other people haven’t woken up to delete yet.

Make sure there’s nothing to bizarre on yours from last night, and toss a cute morning ‘still in bed’ selfie into the mix. They’re bound to see it.

And when all else fails you can always DM it directly to them next time. It’s 2017 — your move.

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