These sex memes are so funny, you’ll laugh through your next hookup


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These sex memes are so funny, you’ll laugh through your next hookup

These are all INSANE

Sometimes we all need to laugh about our sex lives. Because, let's be honest, sex is kind of one of the strangest, nastiest, weirdest things we humans do. It's basically impossible not to laugh when you realize everyone passes time by slamming the ugliest parts of their bodies together to get some millisecond of pleasure and happiness out of it. But if you need another reason to laugh about doing the dirty, here are the funniest sex memes available on the internet. And NO, there's no naked people on here, you fucking sicko!

Obviously, don't indulge unless you're 18. No children need to see this, thanks! Oh, and if you're my parents, you don't need to read this either. Please and thank you. Love you guys. Go read my wholesome meme content.

This meme makes the argument that size DOES matter

While this one is about… little white lies

This is the level of extra I HOPE to one day achieve

While this one is the level of self-confidence I hope to achieve

This one is… scary relatable

This one reminds us we all have our own conception of "talk dirty to me"

This one just… makes me laugh lmao

This one makes the argument for clearing your inbox at LEAST once a day

And this one reminds me why I hate hook-up culture

Here's a reminder that we are not pure enough for dogs

And here's the best use of Animal Planet EVER

Kim K isn't a sex icon for no reason… of course she's in sex memes

Here's a cute reminder that not all heterosexual men suck

And here's a reminder that you CAN and SHOULD hit him where it hurts

This one… just look at it

Here's a reminder that shower sex is WILDLY overrated

And here's a fun joke about masturbation lol

This one is PROOF no one likes to be on top

And this one is proof we all pretend to be gymnasts when we're really… fat lumps of skin hoping for human intimacy

Here's a final reminder that we all have dirty minds…

… and here's a final reminder that all men suck in bed!

Well, now it's time to go grab a puppy and eat a Vanilla ice cream and cleanse my soul. Will I make it to heaven after joking about the nasty will of man? Will Jesus forgive me for making these jokes on the internet? Will God open the pearly gates of eternal salvation to me? Who knows? And honestly, who cares?! I'm a Millennial and I'll never die — at least as long as I'm immortalized by my viral content. Who needs a halo when there's a blue checkmark just in reach? I'd much rather be Twitter famous than eternally saved… Idk about y'all. @ehjovan, I'm coming for you, you sick bitch!

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